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Laser Hair Removal at Home Publishes New Review of Tria 4X Home Laser Hair Removal Device has published a new review of the latest Tria home laser hair removal product, the 4X, the first FDA approved home laser hair removal product on the market.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2015 -- Hair removal can be costly and painful, and yet hair removal is a constant in women's lives. Laser technology has been developed to make the hair removal more permanent and more comfortable, but has until now been more expensive. Laser Hair Removal At Home specializes in reviewing and recommending devices designed to deliver professional hair removal treatment in the comfort of the home, which in turn can result in significant cost savings over time. The website has now been updated with the most recent reviews for the most well known products, including the new Tria 4X.

The new review includes detailed information about the new model, its operation and ease of use, as well as its distinctive features and USPs. As the first FDA approved hair removal product on the market, the item is already leagues ahead of the competition. With no cartridge replacement, twice the speed and battery power for mobile use, the product is looking to achieve a hallmark of innovation.

The review is balanced however, and quotes the relatively short battery life due to more powerful lasers, and the high initial price tag. In their conclusion however, the site point out that this high outlay actually pays for itself, costing only as much as three or four treatments in a clinic.

A spokesperson for Laser Hair Removal At Home explained, "The laser technology used in the Tria 4X is the same as that used in professional clinics, so individuals no longer need experience any loss of effectiveness in order to get the convenience of undertaking hair removal at home. This proves to be a leap forward in home laser removal technology, but competitors are doing everything they can to catch up. Currently, the Tria laser is the best product we've ever reviewed, but we know there are even bigger things around the corner."

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