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Cellulite-Eliminating Shapewear Now Available in North America

Canadian health and beauty company partners with European manufacturers to bring shapewear, scientifically proven to burn cellulite and promote weight loss, to North American markets.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2015 -- The Black Purple, an affiliate of Cobalt Impex Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical and medical device marketer and distributor, is pleased to announce the North American launch of the Lanaform® Mass & Slim and Cosmetex lines of shapewear, all manufactured with 'intelligent fibre', which laboratory studies prove can help wearers reduce cellulite, increase weight loss and refine their body shape.

"We collaborated very closely with Lanaform in Europe to get these products ready for the North American market" said Nima Rafizadeh, of The Black Purple. "Their fabric has built-in ceramic beads that massage the skin as you move. There is nothing else like it on this side of the Atlantic."

The innovative fabric technology offers a two-stage benefit to wearers. First, their body shape is instantly improved due to design and construction that focuses support in the areas that need it most.

Second, the fibre used in the garments is infused with specially designed Tourmaline® ceramic beads. The beads gently massage the skin as the wearer goes through daily activities. The constant massaging action literally burns fat cells, which eliminates cellulite and the dimpling effect it has on the skin.

The Lanaform line of shapewear is available exclusively through The Black Purple's ecommerce webstore at and includes:

-Mass & Slim Shorts
-Mass & Slim Belt
-Mass & Slim Leggings
-Cosmetex Leggings

Independent clinical studies, which examined results experienced by 25 women, each over 25 years old, who wore the products for 8 hours a day for 28 days, found that the leggings and shorts produced maximum hip circumference reductions of between 3.2 cm and 3.5 cm, and maximum thigh circumference reductions of between 2.3 cm and 2.8 cm. Studies on the Mass & Slim Belt, which is designed to be worn over the waist and tummy, produced maximum waist measurement reductions of 4.5 cm and maximum hip circumference reductions of 3.5 cm.

In addition to the cellulite and measurement reductions, study participants recorded overwhelmingly positive responses to questions relating to garment comfort, skin appearance, slimming effect and cellulite reduction.

"It's the results of documented clinical studies that convinced us to make Mass & Slim and Cosmetex available in Canada and the US," says Rafizadeh, "it's a real pleasure to offer a product that we know can deliver everything it promises."

About The Black Purple
Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, The Black Purple is the ecommerce source for the premium, industry-leading slimming products designed and manufactured by Lanaform.

About Lanaform
In business for over 35 years, Lanaform is recognized in over 30 countries as a developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge, top-quality, personal home healthcare products. Their extensive product range was created through ongoing research, development and testing that is unrivalled in the industry.

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After over 30 years in the business, Cobalt Impex still enjoys consistent growth as a marketer and distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical supplies and family planning products to private practices, hospitals and pharmacies.

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