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Giant Companies Voted Gmail Fax as Most Favored Email Fax of the Year


Panama -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2015 -- It has been estimated that there has been an increased in the usage of fax services after gmail launched a new service for free. The new solution offered by Gmail has been designed to work for both the Mac and Windows users. Users can use as much or as little of this free service.

Much appreciation has been received for this service after it was announced that users need only two simple steps to start using the service. The requirements are a gmail account of the user and an email fax service. It has been said that the very first year that this service was launched, goolge recorded that one of the most googled terms was none other than how to fax with gmail. While it has been rumoured that gmail probably stands at the top of the game, there were still others who insisted on comparing their providers before setting off to pick the one of their choice.

Some of the most popular picks by the consumers are the ring central fax. It has been rated as one of the top ranked productivity service. The others include nextiva fax, myfax, efax, and onesuite fax. It has been estimated that almost all of the giant companies and offices today have ditched the old fashioned fax machines that are bulky and have started resorting to using the email fax.

Rate as one of the best, gmail fax. The choice has made companies to save money on paper and toner, not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on buying the bulky fax machines, which needs to be provided for each department of the company building. One of the most appreciated features has been the easy integration of the system with the other applications including the cell phone of the staff at the office.

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