MySalesButler Unveils Powerful New Automated Email Marketing Services

Effective, affordable new services give clients an easy, reliable way to benefit from the tricky but important technique of email marketing, MySalesButler reports


Avon, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2015 -- MySalesButler announced an expansion to the company's extensive range of flat-fee, a-la-carte sales and marketing services. Thanks to a productive new partnership, MySalesButler customers will now be able to select from an even wider array of email marketing automation services, making it easier and more affordable to craft and execute compelling, lead-generating campaigns. MySalesButler is the online marketing industry's leader at providing top-quality, cost-effective marketing services in whatever combination clients require.

"Email marketing can be an incredibly effective way of bringing in new business," MySalesButler representative Nick Stevens said, "Unfortunately, many people are unsure about how to take advantage of it. Our new automated email marketing services are going to put our clients on the right track by delivering measurable results that produce impressive returns on investment."

Although email marketing developed a bad reputation in the early days of the Internet thanks to the untargeted, unsolicited mass mailings that became known as "spam," today's communications of this kind are of an entirely different sort. Sophisticated software tools make it possible to automatically personalize emails and aim them at particular prospects who opt in, resulting in far better experiences for recipients and much more impressive results for those who send them.

As a company with a mission of providing affordable, flat-fee digital marketing services that clients can make use of easily and productively, MySalesButler is especially well positioned to help businesses take advantage of this newer and more effective style of automated email marketing. A recent, valuable partnership with a leading email marketing specialist enables the company to offer up a brand new option of this sort to clients, as detailed at

In addition to the new automated email marketing service, MySalesButler has an extensive array of other battle-tested offerings that have been proven to produce the results clients look for. The company's highly regarded search engine optimization services described at, for example, allow everyone from business owners to Internet marketing agencies to quickly and safely boost the rankings of targeted websites, producing more traffic and leads.

MySalesButler also regularly assists clients with difficult tasks like selecting, setting up, and taking advantage of sophisticated customer relationship management systems, another crucial kind of help that produces more sales. In addition, the company offers valuable IT consulting services of a more general sort, allowing clients to fill the gaps in their capabilities in cost-effective ways that contribute to the bottom line.

The new MySalesButler email automation services, then, will give clients even more in the way of options, helping to achieve the company's goal of making a true one-stop destination for all online marketing needs. Visitors to the company's website can easily schedule a free consultation regarding their sales and marketing ambitions.

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