Robinson Cosmetic Surgery, LLC Reports on Recent Findings from RealSelf

RealSelf found that 21 percent of women are contemplating or actively pursuing cosmetic surgery and Robinson Cosmetic Surgery announces they are ready to assist men and women alike in this situation


Lone Tree, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2015 -- RealSelf recently conducted a study to determine the percentage of women who are contemplating plastic surgery or have already started the process. During this study, they found 21 percent of women fall into this category, and interest continues to rise in terms of electic procedures. However, 90 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 24 state they are unhappy with one or more body parts. Individuals in this situation should turn to Robinson Cosmetic Surgery, LLC ( to learn how the center may be of help.

"This focus on cosmetic procedures could be the result of numerous things. It may be the current fascination with selfies and wanting to look one's best in photos or it may be due to advances in technology which make these procedures less invasive. Although one cannot definitively pinpoint why a woman may now be considering one or more cosmetic procedures without asking her directly, the trend is definitely there," Randolph C. Robinson, founder of Robinson Cosmetic Surgery, LLC, declares.

Facial procedures ( one may be considering include eyelid surgery, a brow lift or a face lift. Nose surgery continues to be a popular option, and many women now opt for ear reconstruction. The typical face lift works to remove sagging or fat skin along the jawline, although there are specific face lift procedures to correct other issues. Many choose to combine this surgery with one of the others for enhanced results. Individuals may wish to set up a free consultation with Robinson Cosmetic Surgery, LLC to determine which treatments will best meet their needs and provide them with the look they desire.

"Women and men need to have a realistic understanding of what cosmetic procedures can and cannot do. There are limitations to any surgical procedure, and the free consultation offers an opportunity for the patient to sit down with me and determine if the patient's goals can be met. If they cannot for any reason, I'll offer other suggestions to help the patient reach his or her goals," Robinson explains.

Others wish to have their body contoured and this is an option offers at Robinson Cosmetic Surgery. The center does much more than this though and works with patients in need of dental implants, those who wish to have reconstructive surgery and individuals in need of obstructive sleep apnea surgery. Other procedures may be offered on a case by case basis.

"Set up a free consultation today, as it is for information purposes only. There's no obligations and the consultation covers the patient's goals, details of the procedure, anticipated outcomes and more. Learn about risks associated with the selected procedure, the amount of discomfort one may experience, the cost, the time needed to complete the treatment and the time required for recovery. One cannot make an informed decision as to whether or not a procedure is right for them without this information which is why every person thinking of cosmetic surgery should set up this consultation today," Robinson announces.

About Robinson Cosmetic Surgery, LLC
Recognized as a leading and respected cosmetic and oral surgeon in the Denver, Colorado area, Randolph C. Robinson obtains satisfaction from caring for patients honestly and kindly. His goal remains to repair, renew and rekindle hope for those who aren't satisfied with their current appearance. Dr. Randolph has been practicing in the area for 12 years and has cared for numerous during this time. Board Certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Randolph also strives to improve the lives of patients through his innovation. He's currently undergoing the patent process for devices related to bone-lengthening and bone screw delivery.