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Therapy Threads Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Startup Funds

Dani Ashley is a psychotherapist who is starting a holistic business called Therapy Threads to raise awareness of mental illness as well as to provide healing aromatherapy for everyone who wears the company's scarves and to break down stigmas associated with seeking therapy. Now, Dani has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to start this business and she has until April 7th to reach this goal.


Overland Park, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2015 -- Dani Ashley is a psychotherapist who understands the devastating toll taken by ignoring mental health issues, both personally and professionally.  Her new company, Therapy Threads, has two purposes: to provide instant Aromatherapy relief for those who wear her scarves and to shine a spotlight on the most common mental health and life issues facing society as well as to lift the stigmas associated with seeking help through therapy.  Now, Dani has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Therapy Threads and make it possible to produce and market Scarves Against Stigmas, a line of Aromatherapy Scarves that bring attention to some of the most prevalent mental health issues of today, including the stigmas of seeking professional help.

Located at, Therapy Threads has a stretch goal of $8,000 through this Kickstarter campaign.  This will allow for the manufacture of Aromatherapy scarves as well as the distribution and marketing of these products to stores across America.  These fashion scarves are part of the have the mission of breaking down barriers associated with mental health and encouraging others to seek help.  With these scarves, Dani is merging the worlds of fashion, aromatherapy and metal health advocacy and solidarity.

Dani says, "The purpose of this line of scarves is to bring awareness, education, and resources to Mental Health and prevalent life issues that too often go ignored or are highly stigmatized.  Don't let your mental health define you; let it refine you. Let's break down these stigmas and spread awareness!"

The Therapy Threads line offers scarves in luxurious and attractive fabrics that contain a hidden pocket in which an essential oil aroma packet can be hidden, allowing for easy access to healing aromas.  There are two Collections: STIGMA and AWARENESS. Each scarf will focus on a particular mental health issue. Within the STIGMA collection: Blue for Depression; and Grey for Therapy. Within the AWARENESS collection: White for Bullying; Red for Domestic Violence; Black for Suicide.

The Kickstarter campaign offers prizes ranging from essential oils to scarves to the actual Aromatherapy scarves to Skype sessions with Dani herself.  For full details on all pledge levels and associated prizes, see the Kickstarter page.

About Therapy Threads
Therapy Threads is a passionate movement for Mental Health and Therapy Solidarity. Delivering hope and healing one thread at a time via Aromatherapy Fashion. Therapy Threads is a product of Dani's belief that support and recognition of mental health barriers ultimately help make this world a better place. This line of quality scarves allows wearers to identify with various mental health issues that are both healing and therapeutic to the wearer, while supporting the growth and treatment of those who need help through charitable donations with every purchase.

Contact Person: Dani Ashley
Company: Therapy Threads
Location: Overland Park, KS, USA
Phone: 816-803-7881