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Carol Cline Introduces Start Potty Training Program for Three-Day Results


Pullman, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2015 -- Carol Cline has been labeled a "Potty Training Guru," but she claims that she is actually just an ordinary mother of four who happened to stumble on a method that allowed her to start potty training at 1 year with her children.  Now, Carol is sharing this method with others through her Start Potty Training PDF  book and video located at

The formula in this book allows parents to start potty training at 12 months.  For some parents, the question of when to start potty training in babies is difficult to answer.  There are sources that say that parents should start potty training at 6 months and others that say parents should wait for two years.  Additionally, even parents who are sure of when to start potty training for infants may not know how.

"I was bombarded with things to buy when I looked up potty training on the Internet," says Carol Cline.  "However, none of these products offered what a really wanted:  a simple and reliable system to potty train my child."

Carol also notes that she found that children who were put in pull-up diapers trained much more slowly than children who were not given pull-up diapers.  "The diaper industry makes billions per year keeping children in diapers as long as possible," says Cline.  "Clearly, parents need new alternatives to pull up diapers and current methods of potty training."

Now, Cline offers her insight into potty training with her new system that is guaranteed to give fast results.  Start Potty Training book reviews have been very positive, and most people offering Start Potty Training guide reviews note that this system works where others have failed.  For more information, visit the website to learn how to order.

About Start Potty Training
Start Potty Training is a guide to potty training children successfully by Carol Cline, mother of four and day care operator.

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