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SR22 Coverage Expands Range of High Risk Texas and California Auto Insurance Policies has expanded their services to include Texas and California SR22, FR44 and SR50 high risk insurance policies, enabling people to get back on the road affordably.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2015 -- For those who have been identified as 'high risk' drivers, whether through previous convictions or multiple violations, getting back on the road can be difficult. Insurance policies have been specially tailored for these people, and they often come at punishing cost to the driver. Yet, a lack of transport can kill a career, and any chance of getting back on the right track. helps people identified as high risk driver's source affordable insurance policies. The website has just undertaken another expansion, to cover California and Texas insurance policies.

Offering both owner and non-owner quotes in California ( and Texas (, enabling those who want to drive a friend's car or leased vehicle to get the right insurance for them. The company offers information on where to find the lowest possible rates.

These resources complete the state-by-state coverage that has enabled the company to offer SR22 and other high risk policy coverage to people from every state in the US. The site even has information on DUI and DWI convictions, how to fight them and how to deal with them moving forward.

A spokesperson for explained, " is pleased to be able to complete its state by state investigation on where to find the best and most competitive rates on high risk insurance policies with a complete report on both Texas and California. Our insurers are now waiting to help people from these areas negotiate the best coverage at the best rates possible. We understand how important it is for these people to get back on the road and prove themselves reliable once again, and we aim to facilitate that with the greatest ease possible. Texas and California drivers can now call us any time to be furnished with great insurance rates."

About SR22 Coverage
SR22 Coverage's own insurance experts shop across multiple carriers that specifically work with and target drivers who have had multiple violations, lapses in coverage or no prior insurance history. They provide affordable monthly insurance rates and premium financing, as well as expert consultation on securing the right high risk insurance packages.

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