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Review 3D Printers Publishes Eagerly Anticipated New Review of Hot UP! Plus 2 Printer

Leading reviewer's take on the popular device is the most comprehensive of all and unearths some important details that have previously gone unnoticed, Review 3D Printers reports


Greenville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2015 -- Review 3D Printers, a top source for in-depth, unbiased reports on 3D printing equipment, published an eagerly awaited new review of the popular UP! Plus 2 3D printer. Since its launch, the UP! Plus 2 has been one of the most talked-about new printers online, and the new Review 3D Printers report is the most comprehensive, detailed take on the product's strengths and weaknesses to be found anywhere. A leading authority in the field, Review 3D Printers regularly publishes some of the industry's most relied-upon and frequently recommended reviews of 3D printers.

"The UP! Plus 2 is one of the hottest printers on the market at the moment," Review 3D Printers representative Colin Holmes noted, "Fully assembled out of the box and sporting an impressive list of features, it delivers a lot for less than $1500. Our new up plus 2 review puts the device through its paces, looking at everything from its output quality and reliability to the included accessories. Our readers have been clamoring for this review, and we think that our new report is going to be of great value to all who are interested in 3D printing."

Having exploded in popularity in recent years, 3D printers accounted for nearly $4 billion in sales worldwide in 2014, a total that some analysts predict will quadruple over the next four years. Formerly a relatively rare and expensive technology, 3D printing involves the use of specially formulated plastics to automatically and affordably put into physical form digital models that are fed into the devices by computer.

Although today's 3D printers can be impressively capable and reliable, not every model on the market makes a good buy for consumers and businesses that are interested in them. Even among those with apparently satisfying feature lists, many come with flaws and drawbacks that make them unsuitable for particular purposes, like limited operating system compatibility or a reliance on especially expensive or hard-to-find plastic printing supplies.

Since the site's founding, Review 3D Printers has been one of the most prolific and reliable sources for information about and assessments of particular 3D printers. With a consistent focus on helping buyers make better and more useful purchases, the site's collection of 3d printer reviews has become an important online resource, attracting attention and praise in a number of enthusiast communities.

Review 3D Printers' newly published take on the highly popular UP! Plus 2 will therefore meet with great interest from many readers. Although the machine's feature set and affordability have already made it a popular choice with buyers, in-depth, unbiased reviews of the sort that Review 3D Printers specializes in have been difficult to find.

The new Review 3D Printers report identifies a number of good reasons for the buzz surrounding the UP! Plus 2 and also notes some significant drawbacks that have been under-reported elsewhere. Like all of Review 3D Printers' reports, the new review is available for free at the company's website.

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