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Cuisina Chef Promotes Awareness of Chemical-Free Baking Products

The company is encouraging bakers to forgo potentially dangerous products and turn to safe, FDA approved silicone baking products to reduce chemical exposure and produce less waste.


Elkhart, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2015 -- It will come as no surprise to most people to learn that everyone is exposed to countless harmful chemicals every day. The problem has become so worrisome that a recent hearing was held by the Senate Subcommittee on Superfund, Toxics and Environmental Health to discuss how these chemicals may be harming children. While people wait for answers from the government, they need to find ways to make their own homes safe for themselves and their children. That is why Cuisina Chef is increasing awareness of their silicone baking mat, an example of the small things everyone can do to reduce the chemicals they and their families are exposed to.

"Food-grade silicone has been proven to not produce toxins, even when heated to exceptionally high temperatures." Company spokesperson Susanna Joyner explained. The company representative pointed out that their FDA-approved baking mat is a cost-effective way to reduce exposure to the chemicals commonly found in most non-stick commercial pan sprays. "Even non-stick aluminum pans and cast iron pans are being scrutinized today for the chemicals they may transfer to food." Stated Joyner, referring to warnings about Teflon and iron and their potential to transfer from the bake ware into food.

The silicone mat eliminates the calories and fat that are added when bakers use oil or butter instead of spray to keep food from sticking. In addition, the pad is better for the environment, because it produces less waste than using new parchment paper or aluminum foil every time people bake. "We are proud to offer bakers a product that can keep their food healthy, while it also performs its tasks perfectly. The Cuisina Chef silicone baking mat is a convenient and time-saving tool that offers a 100 percent non-stick surface. It makes cleanup fast and easy and the mat can be used repeatedly, as many as 2,000 times."

"Consumers can find this silicone baking mat available at for an amazingly affordable price." States Joyner. "With each purchase we also include a free recipe eBook and a guarantee that you will get at least 2,000 uses or we will replace the mat for free."

When you purchase the Cuisina Chef baking mat at Amazon, the company promises you will be able to bake healthier and produce better tasting foods while you protect the environment at the same time. They encourage everyone to try out their product and see how easy waste-free, healthy baking can be.

About Cuisina Chef
Cuisina Chef is proud to offer their revolutionary baking mat. They are dedicated to helping all cooks create healthier, tastier products while also reducing the waste they leave behind. They only use 100 percent FDA approved food-grade silicone in product that is guaranteed to be entirely BPA-free.