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GC Tree Lopping Launches Free Inspections to Ensure Saftey of Area Property Owners

These services can help local property owners understand what needs to be done to keep their homes and businesses beautiful and safe, publishes gctreelopping.com.au


Gold Coast, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2015 -- While well maintained and strategically placed trees can add a great deal of curb appeal to a home, unsightly specimens tend to have the opposite effect, driving down property value considerably. Aside from this issue, diseased trees can pose significant risk to structures and residents alike. Though the majority of home and business owners are aware of the ways in which their landscaping can impact safety and property worth, many admit they have little knowledge of determining when a problem exists or how to remedy it.

In light of this revelation, a representative of GC Tree Lopping has launched the company's free assessment and quote services. Said the spokesperson, "Our team has experience in a number of arboral aspects. We offer grooming and maintenance of healthy trees as well as removal of those that are dead or diseased and many services in between. Our free inspections can help local property owners determine exactly what needs to be done to keep their properties beautiful and safe."

When planted strategically, trees can help lower heating and cooling costs; however, those planted too close to a structure can cause future problems. Should the root system venture into the foundation or plumbing, it could cause a great deal of costly damage. Scheduling a consultation with arboral specialists beforehand can help forgo these types of issues. If such a hazard already exists, GC Tree Lopping can provide tree removal to avoid further complications.

While trimming and shaping surrounding trees enhances the appearance of a property, this also helps ensure the trees remain in good health. Experts note, however, that improper pruning can actually cause more harm than good. Once a tree has been struck by lightening or invaded by illness, having an arborist assess the damage is crucial. In many cases, the affected tree can be saved by only removing the afflicted portion. Those well versed in this field are able to determine if the entire tree needs to be removed for safety reasons.

GC Tree Lopping also offers stump grinding to eliminate portions of stumps protruding from the ground as well as full stump removal. In either case, the stump is finely ground and can be re-purposed as mulch for other foliage. The company indicates their team has experience in removing stumps from paved surfaces as well.

Concluded the company spokesperson, "In addition to scheduled tree maintenance and removal, we also offer 24-hour emergency services 7 days a week. We recommend home and business owners have their properties inspected before storm seasons and following severe weather, to ensure their safety. Our goal is to help our clients make the most of their lawns at an affordable price."

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As a fully insured and qualified team of professional arborists, GC Tree Lopping is equipped with the tools and experience necessary to help clients on the Gold Coast and in the surrounding areas with all their tree maintenance and removal needs.