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HY Markets Refuses to Falter Amidst Swiss Franc Movements


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2015 -- A part of the Henyep Group, HY Markets has always been one of the top picks for seasoned traders who invest in gold, oil, stocks etc. The firm has been able to exhibit a level of proficiency and trust that few other similar firms offer.

A large number of reasons have been responsible for the popularity of the investment firm over the decades. One of the reasons is that HY Markets is a trading expert that makes trading so easy that a user can start trading within just five minutes! Even new traders find the interfaces and programs offered by the investment firm helpful and easy to execute.

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About HY Markets
Headquartered in London, UK, HY Markets has always been able to provide a reliable platform for foreign exchanges and other trades associated with oil, gas and more. Regulated strictly by the FCA, the firm has been known to adhere to its Safety of Clients Policy for many decades. HY Markets has a strong financial background and investment history that is not only praiseworthy, but very transparent, too.

The investment sector market leader, having a history rich with over 30 years of experience on a global scale, has been known to conduct competitions from time to time, as well. Its competition held in the fourth quarter of 2012, having over 25 lucrative prizes including free access to one of its trading software, $3000 US dollars prize money and many more, was one of the finest examples of organized competition conducted by an investment company.

Several pillars have kept HY Markets intact through ups and downs. One of the strengths of the firm has been its provision for free demo accounts. In addition to that, the company believes that its 24 hours customer support for 5 days per week has been playing a major role in elevating its image from the beginning. The same applies for its strategy that not only focuses on computer-based trading, but also puts heavy emphasis on mobile platforms. For experienced traders, the company is even happy to provide VIP support, as and when required.

HY Markets has always taken its reliability and trustworthiness seriously, and its firm position during Swiss Franc movements once again confirmed the same.

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