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Grandma's Cookbook: Tasty & Uplifting New Trilogy Fuses Author's Fascinating Life Story with Series of Wholesome, Memory-Rich Recipes

Masterfully crafted by Pukka Carpenter, the three volumes of the ‘Grandma’s Cookbook’ series span forty-five years of the author’s life; a life often shaped by the memories and stories attached to his grandmother’s cookbook. With each of the three volumes spanning just over a decade, Carpenter recounts gripping stories from each era while providing readers with actual authentic recipes that symbolize his life.


Savoy, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2015 -- While they often just sit a on a shelf and go unnoticed, cookbooks possess a timeless and alluring beauty. Nobody knows this better than Pukka Carpenter, who has kept his Grandmother's original cookbook near and dear his entire life – for it's a symbol of his existence.

In a delectable and wholly-entertaining new trilogy, Carpenter bares his soul to the world while publishing the numerous recipes that have made life great. 'Grandma's Cookbook' (spanning 11 years from 1960), 'Grandma's Cookbook Revisited' (spanning 20 years from 1971) and 'Grandma's Cookbook Final Revelations' (spanning 14 years from 1991), cut to the very core of humanity's spirit.

Series synopsis:

The setting is New England in the Sixties. Life was different then. This story revolves around one family, especially the woman everyone called Grandma. She was a wonderful and multi-talented lady. She always had the right answers. This is the author's story, but it is Grandma's story too. He asked her once if a movie director career had merit. She advised him to write a unique book first and remarked, "Surely with over 17 years of formal education, you can write an interesting story." The author responded that most of his knowledge involves guns, reloading bullets, and ballistics. But write a book he did.

"These are anything but conventional cookbooks," explains the author. "While I do print the recipes that define my life's story, the story itself is as much a part of the narrative. It's an autobiography at heart, but one with a big culinary twist. Each recipe harnesses my memories, emotions and thoughts. By sharing them with readers, they can experience a little of my life, too."

Continuing, "I never lose sight of Grandma's guiding influence, as well as the works of history's greatest unsung artist - Earl F. Hartwig (King Earl). In fact, each book is full to the brim with his intricate and thought-provoking illustrations. Fusing them with my life story and Grandma's recipes stirs up a compelling cocktail that readers won't forget any time soon."

The trilogy is already winning high praise among critics and, with demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies without delay.

The 'Grandma's Cookbook' trilogy is available now:

'Grandma's Cookbook' and 'Grandma's Cookbook Revisited' - http://bit.ly/1C8DBVr.

'Grandma's Cookbook Final Revelations' - http://bit.ly/1L25VyH.

About Pukka Carpenter
The author lives in Savoy, MA.