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Griffin & Sabine by Nick Bantock Re-Imagined as Interactive Apps for iOS and Android


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2015 -- Griffin & Sabine: The Interactive Trilogy is the latest work by author Nick Bantock in collaboration with software development and creative content studio, Bound Press in Santa Monica. Bantock, along with Bound Press, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and marketing funds for the project due to ship to consumers in Summer 2015. The campaign has already garnered Kickstarter's coveted 'Staff Pick' status.

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Griffin & Sabine: The Interactive Trilogy is a story that includes whimsical artwork, a custom soundtrack and handwritten correspondence in a digital form. This story details the life of Griffin Moss, a postcard designer living in London, and his correspondence with Sabine Strohem, a stamp illustrator living in the South Pacific. The new app versions will include a 3D space and some additional interactive and new creative content not developed for any version of these stories.

Nick Bantock

Nick began writing at age 40 and has since published 26 books. Eleven of his works have appeared on best-seller lists, including three on the New York Times Top Ten list at once. The Griffin and Sabine story stayed on that list for more than two years and was later followed by a second trilogy. His works have been translated into 14 languages with more than 5 million sales worldwide.

Bound Press, a new publication firm, was started by Dave Nichols and Scott Wolfe, both with more than 20 years of experience in creative advertising and software development. According to them, "When we decided to embark on this voyage with Nick, we were extremely excited. Not only do we get to continue to do what we love in developing these types of experiences, but we get to work with a creative mind that we truly admire. Beyond that was the opportunity to engage on an aspect of life that has been a part of the human experience for thousands of years. The art of writing - and not just writing, but the art of writing by hand. In this age we live in, with all of the wonderful technology, we gain so much, but we also lose a little along the way."

The book will be an interactive experience that begins when readers arrive at Griffin Moss's studio to find it empty. They must examine clues by exploring Griffin's letters to determine what has happened to him. Three separate apps will be created for each volume, featuring whimsical animation, an original score and bonus content.

About Bound Press
Bound Press is a new publication firm focusing on the production of interactive media such as the Griffin and Sabine trilogy. Bound is also an Oculus VR developer and creative content studio that develops media for marketing and publishing. This is their second interactive project collaboration with Nick Bantock.

Contact Person: David Nichols
Company: Bound Press
Address: 1610 Broadway, #103, Santa Monica, CA 90404 United States
Phone: (310)751-4700