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Biblefy Studio Releases a New iOS App Called Bible Baseball Trivia


San Juan, Puerto Rico -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2015 -- Biblefy Studio, a passionate family business, has officially released the new iOS app called Biblefy Studio's Bible Baseball Trivia, which is a fun way of mixing the love of baseball with the love of learning the Bible.

With the increasing number of individuals using apps, there is no doubt that there are many companies creating new apps daily to meet the demand of users and providing fun for everyone. Unfortunately, some are just the same and don't provide something new. This is why Biblefy Studio decided to make a new iOS app that would make a difference and would offer users something original that other apps can't provide. "We see a Great gap between learning and education. So, we created BIBLEFY STUDIO to make Bible Learning fun and enriching to young generations," said Dave Cortes, founder.

Biblefy Studio's Bible Baseball Trivia is very simple. Comes with a simple and user-friendly interface, this app has what it takes to be the top app that everyone should not miss. As a matter of fact, many people like this app and stated that this is perfect for kids as it is educational and fun.

The objective of Biblefy Studio's Bible Baseball Trivia is the same as playing a baseball game. The team, which scores more runs will win the game. To start the game, users have to spin the wheel by tapping on the screen. Users will have to answer the question for 20 seconds. Once answered correctly, users will advance the base. The question's complexity increases with the reward. Single question is easy, yet HomeRun question is really hard. To make runs, one should advance around the bases and return to the home plate. What makes Biblefy Studio's Bible Baseball Trivia different is that it allows everyone to have fun while discovering Bible truths.

Anyone who wants to enjoy a baseball game on their devices while learning some about the Bible truths should consider downloading the Biblefy Studio's Bible Baseball Trivia free app. It is best suited for kids and adults who want to have fun. It supports iPhone 5 and comes with fun sound effects. As of now, it is only compatible to all iOS devices.

About Biblefy Studio
Biblefy Studio is a family business passionate in creating opportunities to teach and spread the Word of God. Grace, Amanda, and Dave do everything to make amazing apps. They design, program, make questions, create art, clean bathrooms, and many more. Biblefy Studio isn't a big corporate that tries to dominate the world, but a Christian family that has a vision. We have our game studio in Puerto Rico.

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