Real Price Per Head Launches New Affordable Version of Their Pay Per Head Software

Real Price Per Head has created a new version of their popular pay-per-head bookie software, enabling bookies to process thousands of requests easily online, no matter where they’re from.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2015 -- Gambling is just as popular now as it has ever been, and with the lingering economic downturn, individuals have been looking for ways to transform their fortunes rapidly. This has meant more bookies than ever, and each of them requires a means to manage the accounts they run without it costing the earth. Real Price Per Head has launched a new version of their pay-per-head (PPH) online software, which enables individuals to manage both domestic and offshore users, as well as having seamless migration technology to bring pre-existing clients' transactions over to the software.

The latest version of the software can be accessed by both bookies managing their sportsbook, poker, casino or horsebook numbers, or by betters placing these bets, through any device. Whether PC, tablet, or mobile device, the software works just the same, creating unparalleled reach.

The software still works on the pay per head system, charging bookies a single fee per player, no matter the nature of the gambling being undertaken. This means local bookies get scalable, large-scale software at a price they can afford, as its capacity flexibly expands and contracts with their user-base.

A spokesperson for Real Price Per Head explained, "With this latest version of the software, bookies can either use an online-accessible solution to all their account management needs, or use as an offshore land-based sportsbook call center. This kind of flexibility is never before seen, and brings with it a huge number of opportunities for those running gambling businesses. This top rated, pay per head proprietary software has been a trusted name in the industry so far, but with this latest release we are looking to redefine our brand as a staple, must-have utility. We look forward to seeing how this technology transforms betting."

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