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Harivara to Offer Online Hindu Puja Services Including Homams, Pariharams (Vedic-Remedies) and More

Harivara offers to perform online Hindu rituals for those wishing to use spiritual means to deal with the world around them, and has expanded their services to astrology and include more Puja services than ever.


Chennai, Tamil Nadu -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2015 -- In Hinduism, there are ceremonies for all sorts of occasions in daily life, meant to help bring a favourable result by satisfying the Gods and doing Good Karma. It is auspicious even now to undertake these ceremonies, though with Hindus spread around the world, finding the priests and required puja items to perform them can be difficult. Harivara was created as an answer to this problem, and performs ceremonies on behalf of people anywhere in the world, streamed live into their homes via the power of the internet. They have just expanded the range of ceremonies they offer in this way to include Online Puja services, Pariharams, astrology consultations, Chandi homams and more.

Harivara's rituals and ceremonies can be undertaken personally at your homes, or they can be viewed through live streaming from India for those not able to attend. Harivara also provide comprehensive Hindu astrology readings to help guide those looking for direction.

They are also known to perform holy Hindu rituals for elites, including politicians, entrepreneurs, CEOs and more. They are also known to specialise in performing Griha Pravesh- Homam for new house. Their aim is to transform the cultural heritage and age old traditions of Hinduism with modern delivery methods so they appeal and are accessible to the younger generations.

A spokesperson for Harivara explained, "Those unfamiliar with the Hindu rituals, Vedas or astrology may not be aware of how much they can enrich daily life, and come to the aid of those in times of trouble. Through our online services we are providing traditional ritual services undertaken by experienced Vedic priests, in a manner which is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. These ceremonies should be available for all who wish to experience them."

About Harivara
Harivara Puja Services perform Hindu rituals such as homams (fire ritual), marriages and pariharams and also provide vedic astrology consultation and predictions. They also provide solutions (pariharams) for late marriage, delayed child birth, chronic illness or unemployment from the ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures by chanting Vedic mantras and provide remedies for life's problems. The Harivara Team consists of Vedic priests who have decades of experience and well trained to perform all kinds of rituals.

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