Adds a New Level of Competition to March Madness Pools

Harvard & UCLA are among a growing list of high-profile universities that use a new website where social media interaction and a unique ‘link’ feature help to increase the competition and enjoyment of March Madness pools.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2015 -- is pleased to announce the launch of their website designed to add extra levels of competition to traditional March Madness pools.

Aimed at improving the competitive experience in larger pools run by universities and businesses, pool participants use their Facebook login, or a linking feature on the site, to find groups of friends, family and/or colleagues and track the pool standings of the smaller group separately from the overall pool.

"When you join a pool at a university, you're one of hundreds or thousands who sign-up," says's Founder and CEO, Cory Silver. "After the first few days, if you're not among the top players, you never will be. But FansPlay lets you compete against your friends, classmates, fraternity or other groups so you can have one or more competitions with people who matter, and extend the whole March Madness experience." received thousands of registrations for March Madness pools in its first full week of operation. And the list of schools joining the site includes some of the most recognizable on the continent, including Harvard, UCLA, Penn State and the University of Toronto.

Many businesses have signed-on to allow employees to compete among the entire company and with their departments or work groups, all on the same site.

Businesses and organizations can brand their pools on "Every player sees the school crest or business logo every time they log on, instead of the generic website logo," says Silver. "This has been an important feature in getting some larger companies to use our platform."

Every year, millions of fans enter a bracket in a March Madness pool for the fun and competition. wants to give them more of both.

Based in Toronto, Canada, takes the time to understand what players want and need out of their sports pool host. As the fastest growing pool network for March Madness across North American college campuses, FansPlay is committed to providing a simple, safe and fun way to let fans compete with their friends, colleagues and strangers.

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