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Digital Forensics Expert SunBlock Systems Releases Engrossing New Case Studies

New case studies at company's website provide fascinating, enlightening perspectives on digital forensics and data discovery, SunBlock Systems reports


Reston, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2015 -- SunBlock Systems, a world leader in digital forensics and discovery and IT consulting, published a new set of case studies at the company's website. The new reports cover everything from the company's assistance with unraveling a small-business collusion case to a look at its help with a pair of high-profile government investigations, including providing expert testimony at trial. They thereby display the power and flexibility of SunBlock Systems' industry-leading digital forensics and discovery services, showing how the company's experts can help clients deal with many of the most potentially costly hazards of the digital age.

"Since I established SunBlock Systems in 2002, we have worked with a long list of clients from a variety of industries and of every possible size," SunBlock Systems founder Davis Sun said, "The new case studies we have just published at our website give an idea as to how useful and effective our Computer Forensic Services can be, as well as the breadth of problems they can address. Whether for computer forensics, electronic discovery, expert testimony, or IT consulting, we are proud to be one of the world's leading sources."

As the physical files that once stored most information have all but disappeared from the modern worlds of commerce and government, the challenges involved with securing and tracking the digital assets that replaced them have become more pointed. Although digital data storage offers much in the way of convenience and flexibility, these strengths can often turned to the advantage of those with bad intentions, whether in terms of stealing valuable data or hiding incriminating information.

SunBlock Systems was founded in 2002 by Davis Sun to provide compelling solutions to these new kinds of problems. After receiving a Master's in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, Sun rose through the ranks as a computer forensics and electronic discovery specialist, learning the ins and outs of a field that grows more complex by the day.

Today, SunBlock Systems leverages the expertise of a worldwide network of computer forensics specialists, working with clients of all sorts to deal with situations like intellectual property theft, industrial sabotage, embezzlement, and the legal proceedings related to them. SunBlock Systems investigators help clients obtain, recover, and track digital information, also providing expert testimony that frequently results in favorable judgments or settlements.

The new case studies at the SunBlock Systems website provide a fascinating and informative window into the important work that the company does. Joining an already large collection of earlier studies, they show how SunBlock Systems works productively with clients ranging from multinational companies and government agencies to small businesses.

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