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Comfort Design Launches Latest Office Furniture Line to Foster Work Place Efficiency

Comfortable furniture and improved organization cultivate a productive work atmosphere, publishes


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2015 -- Recent studies indicate a comfortable office environment can improve employee productivity by as much as 50 percent with a number of elements impacting such an atmosphere. Having been aware of these statistics for more than 30 years, the staff of Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. has become a foremost authority in corporate furniture sales. In an effort to foster efficiency in the workplace, spokesperson Grace Shen has launched the company's latest line of office furniture.

Said Shen, "Although Comfort Design caters to a number of sectors, the field of corporate sales is among our specialties. Furniture plays a considerable role in enhancing employee performance as well as putting clients more at ease. Aside from our newly extended selection of standard furniture, we also offer an array of customization options, so our clients have optimum control when it comes to the overall design of their work spaces and waiting areas."

Because office personnel spend the majority of their time behind their desks, providing them with ergonomic office chairs has been found to offer the greatest improvement in comfort; at the same time, this factor is proven to reduce the amount of time lost from work due to back problems and other common health issues. Arrangement of employees' personal workstations also affects efficiency and satisfaction.

Lighting is equally important to a company's office staff. Natural light decreases stress as well as resulting headaches and anxiety whereas strategically placed artificial lighting is most effective in enhancing personal reading spaces within the office. Renovating an entire office is typically not a cost effective alternative; rather, rearrangement of existing work spaces is the more fitting option in most cases. This course of action tends to be less costly for employers while it leads to a decreased amount of lost time for employees.

Shen followed up by saying, "We offer the widest and most affordable selection in comparison to our competitors. While our most recent line of furniture stands on its own to help maximize employee efficiency, we also provide additional relevant services. Our company staffs experts in design and cost analysis, and our team offers advice on work space optimization, sample mock-ups, delivery and installation as well as maintenance on all our products. We encourage anyone in need of an office revamping to contact us through our website."

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Founded in 1979, Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. employees a complete staff of design experts, carpenters, welders, finishers and upholsterers to provide their clients with the widest possible array of furniture options. Experience in corporate, government, education, food service and numerous other sectors has awarded the company accolades such as the Singapore Prestige Brand and Enterprise 50 awards along with accreditation from Greenguard and bizSAFE.