Kitchen Supreme Launches French Press Bundle


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2015 -- Kitchen Supreme has launched the French Press Bundle on Amazon online store, while making the announcement the company representative said that the company is happy to provide the customer with a product which will make it easy to prepare beverages for breakfast or any other time. Customers have a chance of getting the product at a highly discounted price, the French Press which retails at $ 71.99 is currently selling at $29.84, this will help the customers to save more than $ 42 or close to sixty percent.

Benefits of French Press Bundle

According to the Kitchen Supreme representative, the French Press is a superior bundle which can be used in making coffee, Espresso and tea giving about 8 small cups or 4 mugs. It comes with a hard copy of instructions making it easy for the customer to use it right away. The package also comes with a latest special type of packaging, the Amazon frustration free packaging.

With this tool, mornings will be delightful as one will start it off with a smell of essential oils from coffee beans and tea leaves. With the French Press Bundle, the customer will not only get quality coffee or tea but also an appetizing beverage which will make the beginning of the day such a wonderful time," said the company representative.

For those who have busy schedules, the French Press Bundle makes it easy for them, according to the company representative; the customer will be able to get an appetizing cup of coffee or tea in a short moment. "The fact that it is easy to prepare , also means that one will not have to toil to prepare the breakfast , it will be a matter of minutes before putting the breakfast on the table," said the company spokesperson.

The equipment is made using materials which meet the highest quality, it contains components such as stainless steel, materials which are taste free, meaning that nothing will come in between a favorite cup of coffee.

Buying this piece of equipment has been described as an investment, according to the company representative selecting the Kitchen Supreme French Press means protection of the investment as the product will serve the customer well and at the same time last long enough to give satisfaction.

The product has received more than one thousand comments which according to the company spokes person, they are nothing but appreciation for the product. The company assures the customers that they will continue offering a quality product at an affordable cost all the times. If the customer finds that the product is faulty or does not deliver as indicated, the company is taking all the initiatives to ensure that the issue is addressed.

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