Online Affair Dating Site Ashley Madison Was Banned in Singapore, but There Is an Alternative

Not every marriage is happy, and not every married individual can satisfy all their spouse’s needs.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2015 -- A modern trend in both dating and marriage, is to enter in to mutually "open" relationships. Each couple can set the guidelines for their open relationship, but the challenge most open relationships come across is finding a date who understands their circumstances—and this is where Saphrina comes in.

"Many couples appreciate who they are committed to, but are searching for something above and beyond what they have. They don't want to let go of the relationship they have invested their time and care in, but need a no-strings-attached relationship—where the second-party fully understands the limitations." Daniel Wilson, relationship coach.

About Saphrina
Saphrina is designed for individuals who are either married, in a relationship, or fully understand that the others they meet on the site are only available for casual relationships. Even if a marriage or relationship is not open—sometimes a dry spell, rough patch, or general unfulfilled needs—may lead one of the two looking elsewhere to fulfill their short-term needs.

This is a need that online dating site Ashley Madison used to fulfill, but since the site was banned in Singapore—many couples are searching for a so called Ashley Madison alternative. Saphrina is an online dating site designed solely for affairs, casual dating, and low/no commitment relationships.

"Whether looking for a one night stand, or a go-to person to call to explore the desires your spouse is not interest is in exploring—our site is your place to go for whatever kind of affair you desire." Jeff Leotardo, Marketing Manager of Saphrina.

For those who want to maintain a relationship that fulfills their emotional needs, and provides them the family and ongoing connection they desire—but who monogamy is not their preferred lifestyle—visit to explore extramarital options.

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