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Mod Girl Marketing Discusses How Outsourcing Marketing Could Save Companies $377,000 Annually

Marketing is one of the most important ways businesses compete. Companies can leverage the playing field by outsourcing to an experienced marketing firm and tapping nearly $377,000 a year in resources, says Mandy McEwen, founder of Mod Girl Marketing.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2015 -- Online marketing is one of the chief ways businesses compete and leverage the playing field. Larger corporations may not think twice about adding staff members with salaries, health insurance benefits, and vacation packages. Yet, for a mid-sized business, each additional employee could affect the company's bottom line and ability to grow. At the same time, they cannot afford to sit idle as the competition lurches ahead. Outsourcing some of these marketing duties becomes the obvious choice, says Mandy McEwen, founder of Mod Girl Marketing.

McEwen says companies can save big on the following tangible business expenses:

- $73,000 for mid-level marketer salary (taken from 2015 MOZ salary report)

- $60,000 for mid-level SEO

- $55,000 for mid-level copywriter

- $53,000 for mid-level graphic designer

- $49,000 for mid-level social media marketer

- $47,000 for mid-level web designer

Mandy adds that these crude figures do not represent the added cost of hiring more than one person per post, providing medical insurance and vacation benefits for these employees, the HR personnel needed to make new hires, training costs, lost productivity in sick days or due to learning curve, scaling up, and the expense of digital marketing tools – a benefit accessible to all her clients. "All told, we provide our clients with more than $377,000 worth of digital marketing services," says Mandy.

One of the caveats with outsourcing, she acknowledges, is the advantage of having people who truly understand the core business from the inside-out – employees who eat, sleep, and breathe the corporate vision full-time. For that reason, Mod Girl Marketing prefers to collaborate with at least one internal employee on the central strategy for content, branding, SEO, and marketing.

"We bring our own ideas to the table based on competitive analysis, market research, years in the digital marketing field, specific industry expertise, third party perspective, and our knowledge of the latest trends," Mandy explains. "But we also take time getting to understand what your culture is like and how your company competes."

She adds that businesses have the option to be as hands-on or hands-off as they choose. "We have some clients who are very involved in the digital marketing process. They approve each blog and social media post and they correspond with us on a weekly basis. Then we have other clients who prefer to spend a few hours brainstorming a comprehensive strategy in the beginning and turn the reigns over to us to implement that vision. It all just depends. We don't have a one-size-fits-all strategy. Mod Girl Marketing customizes a specific package based on the individual enterprise."

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