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SAFE Collecting Supplies Provides High Quality Coin Supplies and Coin Cases


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2015 -- SAFE Collecting Supplies is a Pennsylvania-based business offering high quality collecting supplies of all kinds. They are advising both new and returning clientele that they offer high quality coin cases and coin supplies, as well as a wide variety of other coin storage products for all interested individuals.

Numismatics, or the study of coins and currency, is a costly, demanding hobby. Each coin has specific needs and proper care methods that need to be carefully practiced. Fortunately, SAFE Collecting Supplies has coin cases and coin supplies to support any and all varieties of coins in existence today.

SAFE Collecting Supplies has attractive coin cases and albums compatible with all sorts of different coin varieties. Whether it's, Morgan Dollars, Silver Eagles, Presidential Dollars, Golden Eagles, Buffalo Nickels, National Park and State Quarters, or any type of antique gold coins, SAFE Collecting Supplies has the proper cases and albums to present them beautifully.

Coin holders are another specialty of SAFE Collecting Supplies. They offer the highest quality air-tight coin capsules with a variety of sizes that will directly fit almost any coin and allow it to be observed at all angles. These holders are durable, fully transparent and scratch resistant as well. For instance, the 2x2 "Flip" Coin Holders are archival quality, requiring no staples that will put coins at risk of damage.

In addition, SAFE Collecting Supplies' "Floating FlexiFrame 3D" Holders display coins in a way that makes them seem to float, fully visible from 360 degrees.

SAFE Collecting Supplies' coin display cases, stackable drawers and coin chests will accommodate beginner and expert numismatists alike. They feature high quality albums and cases for prized certified coins. Their aluminum carrying cases are available in many different sizes and prove to be durable and easily portable.

Designer Chests of Drawers from SAFE Collecting Supplies are elegant and timeless, fully built to customer specifications. Their stackable drawers and glass-topped display cases make coin collections of all levels look professional and well-organized.

In addition to cases and storage supplies, SAFE Collecting Supplies offers many different numismatic instruments used to determine the overall quality and authenticity of any coin or currency. Coin scales are one authentication product they offer, since weight is an important qualifying factor for many currencies. SAFE Collecting Supplies also provides illuminators and magnifying glasses to observe small details, as well as ultraviolet lamps of different frequencies to pick out details that may have otherwise been invisible to the naked eye.

On top of all of this, SAFE Collecting Supplies offers many other tools and supplies for the coin collecting trade, including coin tongs, coin calipers, ultrasonic coin cleaners, coin polishing cloths, coin gloves, as well as, labels, decals and stickers to personalize a collection.

For more information on SAFE Collecting Supplies and how collectors benefit from their services every year, please contact them today. They can be reached by phone toll-free at 877-395-7233 and internationally at 215-674-8150. Interested parties can also send questions and comments to SAFE Collecting Supplies by e-mail at They are located on 331 West County Line Road in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.

About SAFEĀ® Collecting Supplies
Since 1953, SAFEĀ® Collecting Supplies has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality collecting supplies around the world. The company is dedicated to helping collectors find the appropriate collecting and storage system for coins, paper money, stamps, pins, postcards, rocks, minerals and more.

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