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Dr Muzzafar Zaman Publishes New Editorial on the Broader Benefits of Weight Loss

Dr Muzzafar Zaman has posted a new insightful editorial describing the many reasons weight loss is a positive endeavour to undertake, describing the benefits to health, wellbeing and longevity.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2015 -- When people think about losing weight, often their only goal is an aesthetic one, to look fitter and healthier and thereby, broadly more attractive. However, losing weight is important for many more reasons, especially when western countries are developing an obesity epidemic. Dr Muzzafar Zaman is a fitness guru and weight loss expert who regularly posts advice, guidance and inspiration on his personal website. His latest post is all about the associated medical benefits of weight loss, to help those whose conviction may be floundering to bolster their resolve.

The new editorial describes the many benefits to health that losing weight can achieve. These include an increase in metabolism, better digestion, reduced fat content in the arteries and a better diet, which helps the body take on more nutrients and subsequently helps people stave off illness and disease.

The post is one of many published on the site about weight loss, though it is the first to look at the benefits of weight loss outside a simple fitness context. The website is a gold mine for anyone seeking advice and guidance on how to go about losing weight using diet and exercise.

A spokesperson for Dr Muzzafar Zaman explained, "The good doctor has shared some simple facts that may nonetheless have a profound impact on those looking to lose weight who may not have taken the plunge quite yet. These facts are there to help people stay the course and keep driving toward their weight loss goals. It is just one in a whole suite of articles designed toward that end, as Dr. Zaman is passionate about helping people overcome one of the most prevalent causes of disease and ill health in the modern world – obesity. Readers can check back every week for more health, diet and exercise related tips and strategies."

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