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Reclaimed Wood Flooring London Launches an Exclusive Range – Grande Restoration

The Reclaimed Flooring Company of UK adds yet another classic range to its massive collection of reclaimed floorboards. This beautiful range is made from rich Oak, and captivates the essence of the ancient European floors. The two sub-ranges of this classy and chic collection are Castle and Habitat.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2015 -- Prepare to be floored with a breathtaking range from Reclaimed Wood Flooring London

The Reclaimed wood flooring industry is advancing at a great pace with the increasing awareness of environmental concerns. It is also a cost-effective, durable, exclusive, premium and classic flooring option for contemporary homes and offices that want a distinct appeal. The interesting imperfections, captivating weathering patterns, rust stains, fastening marks and nail holes left behind over the passage of time, impart a rich warmth and character to it. Available in a wide variety of species, reclaimed wood is one option that cannot be equated with any contemporary flooring option in terms of appeal and aura. Reclaimed Wood Flooring London has handcrafted a special collection of two bespoke platforms that embody the classic grace of traditional times.

Habitat Platforms: Brings alive the beauty of nature in its undulated texture and subtle surface. These platforms undergo a meticulous manufacturing process which involves natural drying and are a result of original handcrafted techniques. Bring home the wild, earthy tones with habitat and give it an exclusive decor with Grande Restoration.

Castle Platforms: A traditional finish that reminds of regal interiors and period homes. Rich in character and flawless in finish, this luxurious range is one of the finest products in the inventory of Reclaimed flooring company. The range is available as both solid wood and engineered floorboards at Reclaimed Wood Flooring London.

From stone and ivory tones to sandy brown and braided river weaves, every layer is rich in color and unmatched in texture. At the reclaimed flooring co. every piece of wood is crafted to sheer perfection and conveys unparalleled craftsmanship and quality. Hairline cracks and select knots make the subtle variations that add an element of mystery and distinction. Reclaimed Wood Flooring London holds the official trademark of this tailor made collection that is central to the inventory of RFC.

About The Reclaimed Flooring Co.
The Reclaimed Flooring Co. creates exceptional works of real, natural wood floors with an innovative range of hand-made platforms, made in Oak, Pine, Strip, Panels & Parquet. The company is renowned for its high-quality products and craftsmanship.

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