The Chinese People Build a New Century Splendor with the Great Wall of China and Its Spiritual Value

The Great Wall represents delight and wisdom of the Chinese people in the past. Although it has long lost its military value represents dignity, esteem and independence of the Chinese people.


Guilin, Guangxi -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2015 -- The Great Wall has been through 2,500 years of Chinese history, and has traveled the vast territory of a dozen provinces in northern China. It has become a symbol of China. This is a magnificent project of military fortification that is considered a miracle of ancient architecture. It was initially built from periods of spring and autumn and Warring States back in the fifth century BC. Northern states built walls to protect each other. In the third century BC, Ruler Qin unified China and Meng Tian sent 300,000 troops to expel the Huns north. Meng Tian connected the broken segments of the Great Wall, from Liaodong to Gansu Linyao and continued construction to prevent attacks from the northern nomads. Some parts have survived to this day.

The Chinese wall people see today begins the Jiayu Pass in Gansu, and ends at Shanghai Pass Hebel. The Chinese wall length of the Wall is 6,300 kilometers, or about 13,000 miles, hence its nickname "the Great Wall of the 10,000 miles." The average height of the wall is 8.5 meters, the thickness is 6.5 meters and the width is up to 5.7 meters. There are two entrances to the east and west of it. The walls were built in the hills, under the circumstances. The Wall is large and firm, about stone fences. The huge brick wall was filled with mud and boulders. The top floor is covered with strongly embedded square bricks.

Since, The Great Wall of China is not an isolated stronghold, but an integral part of a military fortification consisting doors, lookout towers, turrets to fire signals, etc. During construction, every dynasty followed the rule of "build strong to be dangerous and difficult as the ground". The steps were built between gorges and cliffs, or in the bends of rivers, or strong busiest.

Its construction was the result of hard work and sacrifice of the Chinese people through the dynasties. It had become a symbol of "Chinese Civilization". The Wall is on the list of places that are "World Heritage Site". Every year, millions of tourists come to China to visit this world heritage site and add world's one of the best tourist place names in their list of best places to travel in the world.

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