Founder Jose E. Valentin Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of SofAlert Safety Kit

Jose E. Valentin has created SofAlert to enhance road safety by increasing the visibility of the persons changing a tire or in an emergency stop. The funding requirement for the completion of this project is $12,500.


San Juan, Puerto Rico -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2015 -- Recent statistics suggests that one life is lost on the American highways in every 16 minutes. SofAlert is an efficient road safety kit that has been created specifically to help people remain safe while changing a tire in the highway. Jose E. Valentin, a polymer engineer and the creator of SofAlert, is presently seeking funding support to complete this project.

Almost all motorists go through the experience of changing flat tires. While changing a flat tire, it is recommended to keep one knee on the ground. However, many persons find it painful. Moreover, a motorist changing tires might not be readily seen by others, particularly in reduced visibility conditions. Unfortunately, the warning reflectors only function when the other vehicle's lights are on. SofAlert has been designed to bring an end to all these problems.

SofAlert Safety Kit comprises of:
- Recycled Rubber pad for knee support
- Electric LED safety light
- Reflective safety vest
- Reflective storage bag
- Safety gloves

The team led by Jose E. Valentin have already accomplished several critical tasks including provisional patent on the rubber pad, website modification, web store, brochures, and just completed the video. However, at present, the project team only has a one cavity prototype mold that can manually produce the recycled rubber pad. All funds raised via Indiegogo will be used for the following purposes.
- Fabricate an 8 cavity mold/lids for the production of the recycled rubber pad.
- Order supplies to have inventory for 500 safety kits.

The ultimate project goal for Jose is to offer the complete SofAlert Safety Kit for a price less than $35. He believes all his efforts would be justified even if he is able to save one life with SofAlert.

The Indiegogo funding target for this project is $12,500, and this campaign will end on April 30, 2015.

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About Jose E. Valentín
Jose E. Valentín is the founder of Sofscape Caribe Inc., a scrap tire recycling company with a unique molding process for the manufacturing of high volumes rubber products. He has a B.S. in Plastics and Polymer Engineering from the University of Detroit. In 2007 he completed the Entrepreneurship Development Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.