Health Professionals Identify Arthritis Symptoms That People Should Not Ignore


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2015 -- Arthritis is a condition that can reduce people's quality of life, and increase their risk for developing a wide variety of ailments. This is why experts recommend early detection, especially to those prone to the condition.

Health professionals have identified the arthritis symptoms that people should not ignore. According to experts, there is a myriad of symptoms that are related to arthritis, which do not in any way affect the joints. Some of these symptoms necessitate immediate medical attention.

An increase in fatigue is one symptom that people should not take for granted. Greater fatigue means more inflammatory disease activity. Rheumatoid arthritis often causes this symptom, however, it could also be the medications used to manage it. There are other symptoms for arthritic conditions, including bleeding or bruising, shortness of breath and painful urination.

According to Daniel Clau, MD, director of University of Michigan Health System's Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research center, arthritis may be to blame if one gets a substantial bruise from gently bumping into a table. Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of autoimmune disorder, and it often causes bleeding in the gums or bruising for no apparent reason.

There are other symptoms such as unexplained weight change, chest pain, blood in stool and Achilles pain. Abrupt weight gain or loss, especially the latter, can often be caused by increased inflammatory disease activity. Blood in stool is a symptom that is often associated with the use of NSAIDs.

Those who experience swelling and pain above the heel, or Achilles pain, should also consider the possibility of arthritis. When this pain is accompanied with swollen joints or back pain, it could be a sign of psoriatic arthritis.

Experts revealed that one of the most common signs of arthritis is persistent hopelessness or sadness. Individuals often lose interest in engaging in activities they usually enjoy. This typically happens when arthritis pain is constant and causing physical limitations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study in 2012 and it revealed that among the 18,000 adults with arthritis, 31 percent suffered from anxiety and 18 percent from depression.

All of these arthritis symptoms should be discussed by the sufferer with his or her healthcare provider. Experts also suggest that people should take measures needed to reduce their risk for the condition. Some beileve that taking natural alternatives such as curcumin supplements could possibly improve one's protection from arthritis (

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