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Dead Hunger VIII: Peace, Love & Zombies, by Eric. A. Shelman


Cape Coral, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2015 -- It is announced that Eric A. Shelman has just released his 14th book, entitled Dead Hunger VIII: Peace, Love & Zombies, which is the eighth volume in the author's Dead Hunger zombie book series. The book is Eric A. Shelman's first release of 2015, following the 2014 release of his book, The Camera: Bloodthirst.

"Nelson Moore, the lovable stoner, takes over the telling of this, the eighth installment in the series. What he shares is terrifying and surprising. After encountering the living dead in Central Park, Nelson must escape New York City and get to his grandfather, Jim Scofield, in Concord, New Hampshire. With his mellow, sweet demeanor, nobody could have predicted what this kind-hearted man went through on his journey. Concord may only be hours away from New York City, but plans have a way of crumbling during a zombie apocalypse. As Nelson works his way through the dangerous streets of New York, he encounters other survivors; some friends, some strangers. Compassionate and unable to ignore people in need, Nelson sacrifices his plans to help others. The resulting madness will build the character you first came to know and care about in volume four of these chronicles. Gem Cardoza asks Nelson to tell his story, unaware of the horrors he went through on his journey across the country. Nelson reluctantly agrees and leaves nothing out, from the fates of his friends to each terrifying encounter with the walking dead. If you thought Nelson was interesting before, this will change the way you see our long-haired, scooter-riding friend. Sit back and dig in."

"Of all the Dead Hunger stories, Nelson's surprised me the most. He is such a mellow soul and a pacifist, that it was impossible to know what he went through on his journey until it unfolded as I wrote the tale. I'm pretty sure this will solidify Nelson as one of the most endearing characters in my Dead Hunger series." ~ Eric A. Shelman

"I can tell you with complete honesty, I cried and I laughed aloud while reading this chronicle. This may very well be the most emotionally draining book, but it is also a more horrendous journey than any taken by the other characters."

"I got this book 2 days ago and finished this morning. The only negative I can say is that I have to wait for Book 9 now. If you haven't started this series don't wait! Roller coast ride with screams and laughs."

"This is the story of one of the most lovable characters I have encountered in a long time. Who would have a thought a pothead would have stolen my heart so completely!"

"These books are all epic and if you haven't read them, do yourself a favor and start now. I read this entire book in one evening and then began the whole series again, for the third time and I can't wait for whatever comes next for this collection of survivors."

Dead Hunger VIII: Peace, Love & Zombies is now available in print as well as on iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Kindle and will be available soon in Audiobook platform. For more info on the release of the book, please visit

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