Cure for Diabetes Identified in Miracle Shake


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2015 -- Diabetes Free and Dr. David Pearson are pleased to announce the release of a program and product that is an effective treatment for diabetes. According to Dr. Pearson, speaking in his explanatory video, there is an exceptional cure which has been developed by him and his team of researchers. The solution which is described in his fascinating new Diabetes Free eBook, came about from a change in understanding about the role of the liver in the production of insulin.

Dr. Pearson first chose his life work as a researcher in how to cure diabetes when he lost his father at age 58 to complications from diabetes. His revolutionary book and program "Diabetes Free" shows the true cause of the disease and explains how to make a simple life change that will bring about a cure for diabetes.

Through dozens of clinical studies, the scientific evidence that this program is effective in lowering the blood sugar count by 100 points or more within the space of two short weeks. The Type 1 diabetes sufferer can be healed, because the program doesn't rely on the activities of the pancreas in order to be effective. For Type 2 diabetes victims, using an alternative regulatory organ within the body allows the remaining function in the pancreas to be under less stress, so the pancreas has time to heal.

Diabetic sufferers are able to eliminate the role of pharmaceuticals in their lives. Diabetic patients are able to be freed from the pain and cost of needles, blood tests, and insulin injection. Over time, many patients have been able to introduce or re-introduce foods into their diets which have previously been banned.

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