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It's Time to Align: "World's Most Powerful Self-Help Book" Hits the Shelves – Providing Missing & Suppressed Link to Law of Attraction

Written from the work and experiences of author Allen Lottinger, ‘It's Time to Align’ proves that all previous books on the law of attraction lack a true understanding of the mechanics of the universe. In his ground-breaking work, Lottinger shares one powerful strategy that, when put in place, will allow the universe to take over and help anyone create their own life of abundance. There’s just one problem; until now, this one quick-fix has been purposefully brushed under the rug.


New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2015 -- For thousands of years, incarnations of the Law of Attraction have existed as a magic pill to attracting good things in life. However – the most potent ingredient has been deliberately suppressed from humanity.

In 'It's Time to Align', Allen Lottinger reveals vibration as the law of the universe that, when raised, will allow anyone to sit back and embrace the life they were always meant to have.


Many books have been written regarding the law of attraction. The best known one, The Secret, is reported to have grossed $300 million worldwide. But what if all these books are missing the most important information we can use when it comes to activating this law in our lives? Furthermore, what if this information is purposely being suppressed-and has been for thousands of years-by entities intent on keeping humans from growing spiritually? It's Time to Align takes a look at how the law of attraction really works and how it is being suppressed in our lives. It also explains how to overcome this manipulation and how to experience alignment with the creative power of the universe.

"The bottom line is that, when our vibration is raised, the universe will align with our vortex and allow it to become engaged," explains the author. "But the bad news is that there are forces deliberately out to keep us from accessing the higher energies and toxically keep us vibrating at too-low frequencies. Once we learn the ways in which our vibration is being suppressed and the things we can do to raise it, attracting good things and engaging our vortex will happen effortlessly."

Continuing, "Pretty much all existing Law of Attraction resources overlook this very simple truth and are therefore rendered ineffective. My volume explains, in a way anyone can understand, the mechanics of the universe while providing an effortless blueprint to start vibrating at the optimum frequency. It's life-changing stuff."

Readers agree, leaving many positive reviews. For example, JB comments, "Actually gets into the foundational causes of why people do not achieve financial success even after studying multiple "financial success" self-help books after a period of sometimes years. None of the other books on financial success (such as "The Secret") even touch on these topics. Even the world famous "Think and Grow Rich" book gives just very sketchy, shallow details in Chapter XI on JUST ONE of these "negative" causes for lack of success that is mentioned in "It's Time to Align"."

'It's Time to Align', from BalboaPress, is available now: http://amzn.to/1AKKdoI.

About Allen Lottinger
Allen Lottinger is a writer who lives in New Orleans with his three children. This is his first book.