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Survival Centric Publishes Survival Preparedness: A Beginners Guide to Survival Prepping

Survival Centric has just published a new book in e-book and paperback format available exclusively through the Amazon marketplace, covering survival preparedness strategies and tactics.


Birmingham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2015 -- Survival preparedness has entered the public consciousness in a huge way in the last five years, and has been ever more common since the September 11 attacks. When the economic meltdown followed in 2007, it was clear many of the assumptions security was based on no longer held true. As such, sites like Survival Centric began to pop up, helping people prepare themselves for the eventuality that civilized life would return to a more primitive place. Survival Centric has now published, to much acclaim, a book to help newcomers to survival preparedness understand the essential strategies and tactics necessary to survive.

Recently launched, 'Survival Preparedness: A Beginners Guide to Survival Prepping' helps people prepare for a wide variety of different survival situations. The book is aimed at those have concerns as to how to keep themselves and their families safe through situations as diverse as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and even economic collapse.

Survival Preparedness is suggested as an absolute must read for anyone who wishes to learn how to handle themselves and survive in these emergency situations. The 75 page guide, written by Kenneth Blackburn, is available for an introductory price of less than three dollars for a limited time only, and has already been named one of Amazon's Books of The Month.

A spokesperson for Survival Centric explained, "Survival Centric have been providing invaluable survival advice for years, including advice on survival gear and supplies. Poring through our whole archive would take people weeks and weeks of their spare time. We decided to distil the best and most essential knowledge from our work into a seventy five page book that people could keep with them as a guide should the worst happen at an unexpected time. We are printing paperback copies so that individuals needn't rely on electronics, so they will always have a permanent registry of the expertise accumulated by our editor, Kenneth. It will be invaluable sooner rather than later."

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