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Announcing the Launch of Teeth Whitening Adelaide, a Focused New Online Resource

New site supplies a range of helpful information that helps visitors learn about teeth whitening and dental health, Teeth Whitening Adelaide reports


Adelaide, SA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2015 -- The owners of Teeth Whitening Adelaide announced that the new site is online at teethwhiteningadelaide.net.au and ready to serve visitors. Established to fill a long-standing gap in the Internet resources available to residents of Adelaide and South Australia, Teeth Whitening Adelaide is already stocked with a variety of useful resources covering the subject of teeth whitening. The brand new site also includes a quick, easy way for visitors to make an appointment with one of Adelaide's most highly qualified teeth whitening specialists.

"Looking great is more important than ever," Teeth Whitening Adelaide representative Nick Smith noted, "and white, attractive teeth are a real asset for anyone. Fortunately, there are some excellent options today for those whose teeth are less than perfect. Our new site is designed to help residents of Adelaide and South Australia learn everything they need to know."

Although the service has been available in one form for another for decades, the teeth whitening procedures of days past were often less than satisfying. A greatly improved understanding of how tooth enamel reacts to whitening treatments has produced something of a revolution in the field, making this cosmetic dentistry option more popular and effective than ever.

Studies by the American Dental Association, for example, point to a three-fold increase in the number of such procedures in that country in recent years, adding up to over $1.4 billion dollars in economic activity every year. Australians are not far behind in terms of seeking out teeth whitening services, with the Australian Dental Industry Association noting corresponding developments.

All the same, many Australians feel that they do not fully understand their teeth whitening options. Teeth Whitening Adelaide was created to help address this deficit after the site's founders noted a lack of focused, useful online resources.

Toward that end, the brand new site contains a number of articles that residents of Adelaide and South Australia will find invaluable as they seek to learn about teeth whitening. A guide published as part of the site's launch, for example, looks into some of the most common dental myths, pointing out how these misunderstandings can conflict with dental health. Another article on how to look after your teeth gives those interested in teeth whitening some valuable grounding and perspective.

Teeth Whitening Adelaide also offers an easy way for visitors to get in contact with one of the region's most capable and accomplished teeth whitening specialists. The new online system makes it easier than ever for users to set up an appointment with a qualified expert who will work closely with them to develop a strategy that best suits their needs and situation. All of Teeth Whitening Adelaide's resources are now online and available free of charge to visitors.

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