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Individuals find the information provided on the site helps to narrow the choices to those products most beneficial to them, reports More Intelligent


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2015 -- The human brain loses elasticity during the aging process, making it harder for the brain to make new connections. When individuals work to ensure the brain remains healthy, more of this elasticity is retained well into old age, and one cannot discount the importance of brain health as part of their overall quality of life. More Intelligent strives to provide the information individuals need to keep their brain healthy for life.

"Concentration, memory and focus support a person's daily tasks while affecting their quality of life. Often, humans take brain health for granted until it is gone. Others choose to blame their lack of concentration or their inability to remember certain things on the aging process, believing the loss of brain power is inevitable. It does not have to be, and this is what More Intelligent strives to show," Amelie Jarvis, spokesperson for More Intelligent, explains. "Supplements are one tool many use to keep their brain healthy at all times."

Native Remedies Focus Formula is one supplement many individuals choose to use to boost the brain health. The all natural ingredients make this product suitable for both children and adults, and it works to improve one's attention and increase their ability to concentrate. Individuals who have tried this product give it great reviews for a variety of reasons.

Jarvis states Native Remedies Focus Formula provides a natural way to improve the health of one's brain without the risk of adverse side effects and it supports concentration and mental focus in all users. Individuals using the product find it helps to maintain their mood and emotions while enhancing normal energy levels in those who suffer from ADHD. This supplement uses a unique Full Spectrum Approach to ensure the highest safety, quality and value. One must be aware, however, that it contains Ginkgo biloba, an ingredient which causes negative reactions in a very small group.

Others opt to try Apoaequorin, a supplement made using a compound seen in bioluminescent jellyfish. The elderly especially benefit from use of this product, which studies have shown helps boost mental cognition. Scientists who discovered this compound actually received a Nobel Peace Prize for their work in 2008, as the compound improves calcium homeostasis, a natural process which takes place in humans.

"Upon reading the Apoaequorin review, many individuals find this product is exactly what they need to improve their brain health. Care must be taken, nevertheless, because some reports have come in of users suffering strokes, seizures or an increase in multiple sclerosis symptoms with use of this product. The company didn't adequately warn users of these risks and is now being investigated by the FDA. Keep this in mind when selecting a brain health supplement. More Intelligent reviews a number of products so every consumer can make an informed decision as to which is right for them," Jarvis declares.

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