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With their extra-long lifetime and illumination, HID Xenon car light bulbs are most popular type of light bulbs among car owners around the world.


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2015 -- High intensity discharge bulbs or more popularly known by their acronym HID, as well as HID Xenon White Car Light Bulbs are the most stylish form of headlights available in the market, owing to their efficiency, affordability, brighter and sturdy features.

Pointing to the electric arc used to produce light, HID stands for high intensity discharge. Operation of this type of light is based on vaporizing metal salts within the arc chamber. They are also sometimes called gas-discharge burners, and for a given level of electric consumption, they can produce much more light than ordinary tungsten or halogens based light bulbs.

BMW introduced these Xenon bulbs as an option in their 7-series cars during 1991 in Europe, and later in USA during 1993. This initial attempt made use of open and non-renewable burner called D1. This designation was later given to completely different range of burner. The light ballast used in this form was about the dimensions of masonry brick. Lincoln Mark VIII became test ground for first USA developed HID solution. This solution included a reflector headlamp with unshielded but integral-igniter burner developed by Sylvania and named Type 9500.Since this system was the first ever to use DC, but efficiency was nothing compared to AC systems. Osram took over Sylvania, and this system could not make its way into any other car model. By now, the AC operated ballasts and bulbs have become a standard around the industry around the globe.

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