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Green City Shares Information on Coffee's Benefits to Skin


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Green City is best known for its high-quality and natural Sugaring Hair Removal services, a gentle alternative to body waxing in Philadelphia, but skincare is their overall concern. In addition to using the all-natural Sugaring method for gentle hair removal, Green City provides other skincare services and always encourages customers to moisturize, exfoliate and protect their skin from the sun. To help their clients have even healthier complexions, Green City has shared information on coffee's potential benefits to skin.

Scientific studies have shown that consuming moderate amounts of coffee can boost liver and heart health. Recent studies suggest that coffee also contains ingredients that benefit skin's health and appearance. According to a new and recent article by Allison B. Kontour of Wholesale Supplies Plus, both species of coffee, Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta, contain chlorogenic acid and caffeine. In the wild, these compounds shield coffee plants from predators, and it seems that these protective benefits translate into skincare.

By far, one of the most nefarious causes of aged or unhealthy skin is sun damage from UV radiation. Green City always recommends sunscreen for its UV-blocking properties, but according to Kontour's article, topical caffeine also has similar protective benefits. It is also suggested that drinking coffee can help fight sun damage. As noted by Kontour, a study of Japanese women who regularly ingested coffee found that these women had fewer and less noticeable dark spots on their skin than women who did not drink coffee.

Antioxidants have long been a popular skincare defense. Coffee beans, especially unroasted "green" coffee beans, contain high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants help neutralize harmful molecules called free radicals, which attack the skin's cellular structure and lead to signs of aging like wrinkling and sagging. Antioxidants also reduce inflammation, and caffeine has even been used to treat instances of severe inflammation of the skin.

Additional benefits of caffeine include reducing cellulite, increasing blood circulation to the skin and restoring moisture, all of which can lead to a more youthful-looking appearance.

As more information comes out about caffeine's benefits to skincare, it will certainly become more prevalent in skincare products and treatments. At the moment, Green City uses caffeine in its Herbal Eye Zone treatment, which is available as a stand alone service or as an upgrade to any Signature Service at their Philadelphia salon. Green City advises that before using unknown skincare products, customers should do their research and review labels paying close attention to ingredients. Green City is the only Philadelphia salon offering its unique combination of professional and organic facials, customized masks and Sugaring Hair Removal.

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