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New Review Guide Launched to Shed Information on Bradley Electric Smokers


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2015 -- As the market is flooded with loads of companies providing electric smokers, there are only so many biased reviews available, which shed light on the issue at hand. At times like this, the best option is to rely on the most known company, which has been trusted through all these years and can be trusted for quality - Bradley Smokers. A brand new review site http://bradleysmokerreviews.com has been established by John Carlos and Lawrence Hogan which has been known to provide real reviews of the electric smokers from the company. "We are privy to amount of biased reviews going around promoting the products which are actually not even comparable to others in the criteria and are being sold way more due to advertising. They go around by showing the pros and not even talking about the cons and possible problems in the machines. I and John have been sold by themselves and so we decided to put together a site which only reviews the best quality product and lays down all the problems with the other ones" stated representative Lawrence Hogan.

When people are online looking for Bradley smoker reviews and land on http://bradleysmokerreviews.com they can be confident that they are being fed only real information and not being called upon by some salesmen. "What we have done on our site is laying out all the positives, negatives and the possible problems along with a couple of recent discount links. Just because a banner reads the words "the best electric smoker" doesn't ensure that it is, the people need to look into the first-hand customer reviews and problems that current customers are having with the product. Mr. Hogan added. On being asked how they cam along with the idea of building the site, Mr. Hogan stated, "I myself bought the so called best e-smoker and it gave out in a month. After being promised all the hype, I actually ended up understanding what had been going on, it was a low-end product which was being sold labeled as "the best one out there" and I was very disappointed. I met John on forum and we somehow came together to build this site and stop this from happening any more."

The website bradleysmokerreviews.com is a very effective solution for all the people looking for reviews of the Bradley smoker and especially for those customers who want a smoker that doesn't die out and atlas does what it promises. The website offers more than just positive points, it clearly lays down the negatives too.. along with a couple suggestions to deal with them. Also, they provide very valuable discounts for the products over at Amazon, which gets the customer a good amount of fee off followed by a free shipping.

About bradleysmokerreviews.com
For a fellow customer looking for reviews on the Bradley smokers, the site provided all the required information along with a couple of hands-on videos which show exactly what they are buying and how it should play out for them.

Lawrence Hogan
John Carlos
Salt Lake City, Utah