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Travels with the Real Oz: Globe-Trotting Memoir Takes Readers 'Way Back When', as Author Drops Life to Travel 60,000 Miles to 44 Countries

More than fifty years after his on-the-fly global adventure, Ozro West has finally put his life on paper in ‘Travels With the Real Oz: Way Back When’. The author’s story is one of courage, excitement and an unwavering thirst to consume himself in dozens of radical cultures. From Australia and Southeast Asia to Europe and Korea, West now invites readers to join him as he recounts an escapade that encapsulates the innocence of its era.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2015 -- While most graduates grind themselves to the bone in pursuit of a job after college, Ozro West did something shocking in 1959 – he dropped his career prospects and bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii, with no apparent plan. What he didn't know is that it would serve as the catalyst for a six-year adventure that would literally see him travel the world.

Even more amazingly, the entire post-Hawaii trip took place on little more than impulse. In 'Travels With the Real Oz: Way Back When', West shares his amazing story with the world.


In the spring of 1959, Oz West, a recent college graduate in civil engineering, turned down several job interviews and decided instead to buy a ticket to Hawaii to help them celebrate statehood. Little did he know that simple trip would become a six-year enterprise, visiting 44 countries in the Far East, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Near East, Japan, Korea, an Europe, traveling over 60,000 miles before returning to the States, living with the locals, having adventures, and making lifelong friends.

Here is his chronicle of that voyage, taken "WayBack When." That, Oz maintains, was the right time to see the world.

"The boat to Hawaii had 12 guys and 235 young girls; so my friend and I knew we were in for a life-changing voyage!" explains the author. "I picked out my girl, had five wonderful days with her but was shocked to find her boyfriend picking her up at the port in Honolulu. Even stranger is the fact that he and I became great friends and we remain so today, having travelled extensively together."

Continuing, "My original travel buddy and I did work as engineers in Honolulu, but it wasn't exciting enough for us to stay put. We lived near the water and could see boats from the Transpac Race coming in. We talked to some of the sailors, and discovered that many of the boats were heading down to Tahiti. That planted a seed in our heads. We got our visas, bought a boat ticket to Fiji and then flew to Tahiti. This began our epic, life-changing journey."

West sees wide appeal for his work.

"I hope that my story, aside from entertaining readers, will inspire them to pursue their dreams and understand that nothing is impossible. When we began our journey we were broke, we were broke throughout it and returned to the United States without a dime in our pockets. It just goes to show that dreams are enough currency in themselves to shape the best time of your life," he adds.

Readers agree, leaving positive reviews. Robert Roller comments, "I went to High School with the author, so it was very interesting to me, as I remember when he was doing his travels. I didn't realize the extent or how long he was gone at a time until I read the book. To me it was very interesting, almost like being on the trip with him."

'Travels With the Real Oz: Way Back When', from Chadwick Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1ANcPg0

About Ozro West
Once my travels were over, I settled down in San Francisco and did some real engineering and project management on the BART rapid transit project that was being built in 1966. Once that was completed, I started my own Project Management Company and worked around the world for the next 30 years until I retired. I still live in San Francisco and after watching Robin Williams filming in Mrs. Doubtfire, I signed onto do bit parts and as an extra in a number of movies being filmed in San Francisco. My wife, Karen, kept urging me to write a book transcribing the six travel journals that were collecting dust in our bookcase for many years so that has been my latest challenge. I finally wrote a travel book. Now I can move on to something easier. Writing is not what an engineer does best but I hope those who read my book can understand it.