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Liever, Hyman & Potter, P. C. Now Handling Medical Malpractice Cases Involving the Failure to Diagnose


Reading, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- The earlier an illness is detected, the higher the chance will be for the individual to recover from it. A common cause for medical malpractice is the failure to diagnose a serious disease or condition. When a medical practitioner fails to properly diagnose the condition of a patient, the odds for survival or a good outcome can decrease. Victims of medical misdiagnosis are invited to consult with the attorneys of Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C. The experienced lawyers will be immediately available to protect the case, guide the client through the entire process, and the firm will deal directly with the doctors, hospital and insurance companies. The law firm has years of experience handling various types of medical malpractice cases and their attorneys fight to get the best and most appropriate results for their clients.

When a patient is misdiagnosed, the medical condition may no longer be able to be treated in the way it could have or should have been treated, had it been properly and timely diagnosed, thereby resulting in an unnecessarily worsened medical condition, or even death. Medical errors that involve misdiagnosis include misinterpretation of test results, failure to perform the right diagnostic tests, laboratory errors, wrong therapy, and failure to act and treat.

In a case involving the failure to diagnose and properly treat brain disease, the litigation team at the law firm of Liever, Hyman & Potter, P.C., obtained a settlement with a lifetime payout of over $12,750,000.00 for a middle aged woman who was diagnosed with a brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and whose neurosurgeon failed to properly identify the AVM and timely order a crucial study. The woman suffered catastrophic injuries due to a rupture of her AVM and it was argued that the delay in diagnosis had resulted in the rupture. The settlement will allow the woman to remain in her home and obtain lifelong medical care.

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