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In Honor of Earth Day Needham Ink Talks About Environmental Safety and Their Drop on Demand Ink Jet Product Line


Shropshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2015 -- Needham Ink is a UK-based manufacturer with 50 years of expertise in the research, development, and distribution of industrial inks, fluid, and other marking products. Printer inks have long been called out by environmentalists for their heavy metals, volatile compounds, and use of non-renewable oils. Needham Ink is a part of the Needham Group of companies in the UK with laboratories specializing in all matter of labeling, marking and product identification.

"We are a company that prides itself in producing high quality, affordable products for our customers," Needham Ink tells us. "We are a company that is dedicated to our customers for without them we have no company, but we are also committed to our environment and our employees. We choose to make these products within the UK and not have them produced in facilities where they have less stringent standards for the work environment of employees. We understand the danger of working with chemicals and have taken the responsibility upon ourselves as management to provide a safe working environment for our employees."

Indeed working with heavy metals can be dangerous which is why Drop on Demand Inkjet inks available at Needham Ink are made with the strictest of environmental measures that can be demanded of a company. This ensures that the employees, the product users, and the region in which they are made are all protected from harmful exposure.

"We work hard to keep our prices down," says Needham Ink, "but we also work equally as hard to implement technology that will not only keep those prices down, but also keep our employees working here safely. That's our commitment to our team, our customers and everyone's environment."

Drop on Demand Ink is widely used as a product labeling mechanism and the Drop on Demand Inkjet available at Needham Ink is now distributed to over 73 countries worldwide. Needham Inks extensive range of products offers drop-in ink replacements for Linx®, Matthews®, Alphadot®, Diagraph®, Willett®, Markem-Imaje® and many more, yet they are also capable of creating bespoke products for other lines and encourage companies to contact them for more information.

About Needham Ink
The Needham Ink has over 30 years' experience developing and manufacturing Drop on Demand Inkjet Printing Inks. All of the DOD inks undergo rigorous testing by chemists at their UK lab and are able to not only meet ISO accreditation standards (such as 9001 and 14001) that address environmental concerns, but also exceeds them. Purchasing from Needham Ink not only provides firms with affordable, DOD ink products but also the assurance that they are purchasing products from a company committed to the safety and health of their employees and the world around you.

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