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Docs.Zone Introduces OCR Technology to Make Scanned Documents Digitally Editable in Word

Docs.Zone now allows people to convert scanned PDF files into editable Word documents. The program uses OCR technology for converting scanned PDFs and images to text.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- PDF files have been hugely convenient for sending data in a portable, universal format. The problem with word processors is the lack of homogeneity, with different operating systems displaying documents differently and some having no compatibility at all, PDF's solve this issue. However PDF's come with a major downside, none of the information in a PDF can be extracted, edited or reused without the use of specialist software. Docs.Zone has just cracked that software in order to provide people with the capability of converting PDF content into editable Word and Excel files, using their brand new OCR programming.

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology enables scanned PDF documents to be analyzed and converted in Word documents, creating an editable digital text file out of an image. This technology was once exclusive to Adobe and made them a fortune, but is now available for free via the Docs Zone website.

Now, any image with text in it will be generated into a word document wherein that text is editable. This is a massive help for anyone needing to edit PDF files or trying to extract sections from text books, novels or even magazines. Through Docs Zone the conversion is instant, allowing people to upload, convert and download the document in moments.

A spokesperson for Docs.Zone explained, "The new OCR we have built into our site enables people to create editable documents from image files. This even includes spreadsheets, so PDF spreadsheets can have all their numbered data extracted and made editable through Excel. This will save people hours of time spent poring through information and replicating it by hand. Since becoming Docs.Zone we have redoubled our efforts to provide the very best services available, and OCR allows us to take a quantum leap in time saving solutions on behalf of our users."

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