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Bill Beazley Homes Shares How to Hang Wall Art

Bill Beazley Homes gives homeowners the steps to hanging artwork.


Evans, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2015 -- It is common for homeowners to display artwork as a personal reflection of their style. However, many homeowners don't know they are hanging their artwork at the incorrect height. "The solution is fairly easy," says Bill Beazley Homes. They explain how to hang wall art in their latest blog. "Always hang your artwork at 57" on center. This means that the center of the artwork comes to a height of 57."

Although 57" is the ideal height for artwork, many people tend to hang their artwork higher on the wall, causing their visitors to crane their necks to view the piece. Although it may look low, 57" is the ideal height because it represents the average human eye-height. This height also brings the other elements of the room closer together, creating a sense of harmony and balance in the room.

After just a few measurements and a bit of math homeowners can be on their way to creating a harmonious, gathery-worthy wall. Read the full blog here for step by step instructions on how to measure the centerpoint and where the hook should be installed.

Another thing Bill Beazley Homes asks homeowners to keep in mind is that the 57" rule also applies to groups of artwork. "Homeowners just need to think about the group as one picture," says Bill Beazley Homes. To do this, arrange how you want them to hang by laying them out on the floor. Find the center picture or pictures and get them at 57" on center as you would with any other single piece of artwork. Once you have placed this piece of art you can then surround it with the rest of the group."

Artwork that is displayed at the right height will round out a room and give it a final polish. Additionally, homeowners will want to make certain that they have the right hardware for the artwork to keep it in place. Adhesive strips work well for lightweight pieces. However, heavier pieces will require something more supportive such as metal screws or hooks.

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