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ViralPursuit.com Launches with the Hottest Trending News Stories

Content site features viralvideos, photos and articles from around the world


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2015 -- WhizGuide Media announces the launch of Viralpursuit.com, a new viral blog that features the top Trending News Stories from around the world in one aggregated news site.

Viral Pursuit offers an extensive collection of Trending News Stories with celebrity news and gossip from around the web, giving users a shareable,online social experience. Users can search the site for videos, photos, and articles on the top news stories of the day including celebrity buzz, funny stories, and weird news. The content is also easily accessible on social media adding to the user experience.

"Viralpursuit.com is the best place on the Internet to find the hottest viral content, funny internet meme picturesand trending events that are happening around the world. We feature stories that do not usually make the headlines in the mainstream media, yet they capture readers' interests and are trending on social media sites. We have aggregated this content and made it available through Viral Pursuit as a one stop shop for stories about all kinds of interesting and entertaining topics," says the site's spokesperson.

Unlike mainstream media, the content on the Viral Pursuit blog is highly entertaining and unpredictable, and includes footage from various sources such as Viral Funny Videos,Trending Funny Videos, and Celebrity Gossip News. Users can expect to see amazing photographs of people performing incredible feats, and hilarious photos of people and animals in precarious situations. The blog also allows readers to satisfy their curiosity with weird news and funny articles, and catch up on the latest gossip from their favorite celebrities.

About Viral Pursuit
Viralpursuit.com is a publication of WhizGuideâ„¢ Media Ltd based in the United Kingdom.The viral blog breaks from the norm of traditional publications by creating a medium that iseasy-to-navigate, and where users can find light hearted and spontaneous content from people from various backgrounds and cultures around the world.

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