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Confessions of a Penitent Man: Intense, Bold New Novel Teaches Readers How to Get Away with Murder – Literally

Masterfully crafted by William J. Giroir, ‘Confessions of a Penitent Man’ fuses the rules of life with sex, suspense, vengeance and an inside look into surgical procedures that would allow anyone to kill and never get caught. It’s all wrapped up into a gripping story of how women manipulate men to get their way, and how that manipulation knows no boundaries when the stakes are high…very high.


Houma, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2015 -- As everyone will discover at some point in their lives, humans possess immense powers of manipulation. However, often the supposed manipulator is innocent, themselves under the 'spell' of someone else who will do anything to get their own way.

In 'Confessions of Penitent Man', William J. Giroir takes readers on a thrilling journey into a shocking manipulation triangle that could just end with death. But there's a twist – Giroir uses his own Clinical Pathology experience to teach readers how to kill someone and evade even the slightest shred of suspicion.


Born on the Bayou, Tommy grew up following three 'Man' codes... 1. Never touch another man's dog without permission. 2. Never touch another man's truck or boat without permission and: 3. Never, ever touch another man's wife, kids or girlfriend without permission. Patterson broke rule #3. The first time they met he scared Alyson. The second time they met he put her in the hospital. Tommy had never hurt anything or anyone his entire life, now he was facing a dilemma. "That son-of-a-bitch hurt Alyson! He has to pay for what he did but is what he did so bad that he has to be killed?" Tommy thought to himself. That's when that little voice inside his head said, "Pray on it." Alyson watched her husband through the patio door. She was tempted to join him but thought it best she leave him alone. Even if Tommy said 'no' she had a 'Plan B' in place...

"This novel comes in two versions, one for adults and one for the young reader market," explains the author, who holds two United States Patents. "The adult one is intense to say the very least; there's graphic sex, violence, malice, an impossible struggle against the odds and a bold metaphor for control that runs throughout. But don't think that the bank has run dry – this is just the first volume in a series!"

Continuing, "At its core, the narrative explores how others manipulate, and how to figure out who the root manipulator in a situation is. I show the reader how to turn vengeance into a positive and rational reaction. If that doesn't work….well…my training will help them literally get away with murder!"

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Gloria W. Hughes comments, "This book is an excellent story and I just loved every aspect about it. I had never read anything by any of the authors before. After only three pages I was hooked to it and found it impossible to stop reading. I really don't want to be a spoiler so will not tell much about the book, but this that it is worth the time and attention. Not once I felt that I am getting bored, the trilling U-turns and the epic storyline really grabs your attention and makes you want to finish the book to know how it ends."

'Confessions of Penitent Man' is available now, from the author's official website:

About Mr. William J. "Bill" Giroir
Mr. William J. "Bill" Giroir (Pronounced "Jeer-Whaa" in Cajun French!) is a resident of Houma Louisiana and survivor of hurricanes Eleanor, Betsy, Camille, Katrina, Rita, Ike and Isaac. He holds two United States Patents: Patent No. 4,409,184 and Patent No. 4,357,302. As a Certified Histology Technologist with the American Society of Clinical Pathology he invented the Paraffin Bubble and Wrinkle Remover Apparatus. The device is used to remove artifacts from Paraffin infiltrated tissues sectioned between 3? and 6? (?=microns) and was shown in use on HBO's "Cancer in America." For years his device was used in Histology laboratories around the world and played a small, yet important part in diagnosing cancer. Mr. Giroir was also a Certified Pathologist Assistant for the Veterans Administration Hospital where he was in charge of the Histology Laboratory and the Morgue.