AWMA Now Offering New MMA Clearance Items This March


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- AWMA® knows that having the right MMA equipment and gear is absolutely essential to the well-being of the fighter. Also, whether the fighter is a rookie or a professional, being protected with quality gear should always be one of his or her highest priorities. As a leading provider of both martial arts and MMA gear and equipment, AWMA® is always updating their inventory with products that provide nothing but the maximum amount of protection and comfort. What's more, those who visit their website this March will find that the company has high-quality MMA clearance items available for extremely affordable prices.

Those looking to buy MMA gloves can opt for AWMA®'s ProForce® brand Thunder Super Bag Gloves. These gloves come in small, medium, large, or x-large, and are available for $54.95. These gloves are also made of leather, provide comfort with their soft nylon interior, and come with a 3 inch loop and hook strap that will fit right around the fighter's wrist. Other gloves that the company currently has on clearance include their ProForce® brand Gladiator Wrist Wrap Grappling Gloves available for $39.95, and their ProForce® brand Gladiator II Wrist Wrap Grappling Gloves that are available for $49.95. Last but not least, two of their other clearance items include Tapout brand mouthguards that come in orange or blue, as well as an Everlast® punching bag set.

AWMA® is always looking to help their customers save by offering discounts and specials on their website. Additionally, the company has established a strong social media presence over the years and holds many contests or promotions on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

MMA is a rewarding, fun and competitive sport that allows for a great workout routine. With the right gear and equipment any individual can take his or her skills to the next level. To hear more about the company and to see their new MMA clearance items available this March, please visit their website today.

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