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A2Z Health Group Specializes in Therapies to Relieve Pain


Brighton, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Many people wake up each morning in pain that can be relieved with the therapies available at A2Z Health Group Brighton. There's no need for anyone to suffer a life of pain with the advanced technology and therapies that the practice can employ to ease pain, rehabilitate and manage injuries and chronic conditions.

Physiotherapy encompasses a variety of therapies and techniques specifically designed to relieve pain associated with chronic disease and injuries sustained at work, home and play. Physiotherapy methods hasten the healing process. Therapies are available for pain ranging from headaches and TMJ dysfunction to biomechanical conditions and pre-natal and post-natal concerns.

Hydrotherapy utilizes the power of water to support patients, making it possible for individuals to accomplish movements that might not be possible with the gravity of dry land. Water gently supports the body and is particularly beneficial for those with joint and musculoskeletal problems, along with those who require rehabilitation for a wide range of injuries and chronic conditions that limit movement.

Massage is one of the most versatile therapies available. It eases the pain of current injuries, facilitates rehabilitation and mobility, and is especially beneficial for those who have developed scar tissue from past injuries. It's an effective treatment for individuals with conditions ranging from asthma to sports injuries, promoting circulation and working with the body's own healing abilities.

Therapeutic massage has a strong psychological component, elevating mood and well-being, while reducing blood pressure and promoting sleep. Massage therapy is an essential component in anger management, helps with smoking cessation programs, and is effective for those with seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.)

Physiotherapy techniques at A2Z Health Group in Brighton offers relief from pain in virtually any part of the body, but many individuals mistakenly believe that physiotherapy is just for injuries. There's no need for anyone to live in pain with the therapies available at the practice.

About A2Z Health Group
The clinic offers new patient specials, treats patients of all ages and utilizes an evidence-based approach to treat each individual. Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that affects a person's mental outlook and restricts activities. It can hinder or prevent an individual's ability to pursue a career, engage in recreational activities and conduct daily tasks.

A2Z Health Group's Brighton practice is located at Suite 2, 3 Male St. For more information, call Melamed at 03 9798 4081 or visit A2Z Health Group online.

Michael Melamed
Lead Physiotherapist
A2Z Health Group
Phone: 03 9798 4081