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All Points Glass Bulleen Announces Special Discount Offer


Bulleen, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- The frameless glass shower screens at All Points Glass Bulleen offer an easy means of updating bathrooms that's chic and fashionable. Those who call the firm to learn more and mention the website will receive a 10 percent discount on their order.

Each glass screen is custom created to accommodate the needs and requirements of clients. The frameless glass is installed by the firm's professionals and all work is guaranteed. Frameless glass shower screens offer a sophisticated alternative to plain traditional showers and in some instances clients can incorporate curved glass for a thoroughly unique appearance.

Frameless glass shower screens are constructed of tempered glass and feature clean lines that foster the perception of open space. It's a practical solution for a bathroom makeover that's easy to maintain and requires no tracks for doors. There are no cracks, crevices or grooves to trap dirt, bacteria, mold or mildew and there's no metal frame to rust or corrode.

Screens can be utilized to create an entire shower or enclose the top of a tub. They provide a see-through environment that provides security and safety. Shower screens are available in clear, tinted and smoked glass to accommodate a variety of preferences. Stylish towel racks and an extensive array of hardware can be selected for a truly personalized creation.

Tempered glass has made it possible to create showers that are elegant and beautify any venue. They're visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing, and make greater use of available lighting. Bright, airy and alluring, frameless glass shower screens grace the homes of celebrities and people of note throughout the world and have become the standard for those who appreciate elegance.

About All Points Glass Bulleen
All Points Glass Bulleen's 10 percent discount on orders allows virtually anyone to experience the style and grace of frameless glass shower screens. They provide clients with a modern environment that's durable and adds value to their home.  Frameless glass shower screens offer a level of sophistication that can't be matched by traditional shower arrangements. Their sleek design complements any décor and creates an atmosphere of opulence.

Located at 5-7 Greenaway St. in Bulleen, the firm can be reached by phone at 9852 3002 or by visiting All Points Glass Bulleen online.

All Points Glass Bulleen
Phone: 9852 3002