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Aushealth Physiotherapy Now Offers Clinical Pilates in Brookvale


Brookvale, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Aushealth Physiotherapy announced that it's now offering clinical Pilates sessions at its Brookvale location. Clinical Pilates is a multi-faceted therapy with a variety of benefits. It builds core and pelvic strength, provides stability and rehabilitates injuries. It's used by world-class athletes to reduce the risk of injury and enhance sports performance.

Clinical Pilates is performed under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist, who will develop an individualized treatment and management plan that accommodates the needs and goals of the patient. A physiotherapist identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each patient, taking into consideration current injuries and lingering effects from past injuries.

The exercise incorporates stretching and strengthening movements that develop strength and stability in the core and pelvic floor. It's safe for pregnant women, addressing pre-natal and post-natal needs. The therapy has been scientifically proven to foster better sleep, enhance mood and relieve stress.

Those who engage in clinical Pilates become more aware of their body position in relation to other objects, allowing them to help reduce the potential for injury through improved balance, stability and coordination. It's beneficial for relieving pain associated with injuries, following surgical interventions, and promotes easier movement for those with joint and chronic conditions.

Clinical Pilates is an integral part of many physiotherapy plans. Many painful conditions are the result of bad posture and incorrect body alignments. The exercises correct problems in the back, neck and shoulder that can lead to chronic pain. Joints are a common location for injuries and clinical Pilates addresses those issues and helps maintain mobility and range of motion.

The exercise is so effective in reducing the potential for injury that world-class athletes around the world are now incorporating clinical Pilates into their training routines. It facilitates flexibility, stability and is appropriate for athletes at all level of ability for enhancing performance.

The addition of clinical Pilates at Aushealth Physiotherapy's Brookvale practice provides patients with an effective therapy for addressing injuries, rehabilitation and a host of chronic joint and disease syndromes. It's appropriate for all stages of life, from problems associated with the rapid growth of adolescence to the conditions of advanced age.

For more information, the practice can be reached by phone at 02 9905 0048 or by visiting Aushealth Physiotherapy online. The center maintains a presence on Facebook and Twitter

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