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Clinical Pilates in Mornington Offers a Therapeutic Solution for All Ages


Mornington, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Beleura Health Solutions has become a primary destination for patients in need of clinical Pilates in Mornington. It's a therapeutic type of exercise that's markedly different than the Pilates typically found at gyms and spas. Beleura Health Solutions combines the movements of Pilates with physiotherapy methods to ease pain, maintain mobility and rehabilitate injuries.

Clinical Pilates has a focus on movement control rather than vigorous physical motion to develop strength. The technique builds core stability and has an array of applications, from helping to prevent falls in the elderly and injured to strengthening the pelvic floor before and after birth. The movements of clinical Pilates aid in rehabilitating injuries, following surgical interventions and to improve sports performance.

The physiotherapy method is appropriate for patients of all ages, from children to adults. The practice offers daily sessions, with each program customized to accommodate the needs and goals of the individual. Complete management plans are designed to the patient's level of ability, factors in current and former injuries, and are adjustable to reflect patients' progress.

The movements of clinical Pilates are advantageous for those with multiple types of injuries and chronic conditions. The clinic is unique, providing patients with real-time ultrasound imaging that enables individuals to view the interplay of abdominal and spinal muscles as they perform movements. Patients can see for themselves if they're performing each movement correctly and adjust their motion accordingly.

About Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates has a wealth of benefits for those with mobility issues, joint conditions and chronic disease. It gently rehabilitates current injuries and those with lingering effects. The exercise is effective in restoring normal movement patterns and improves overall body tone. Clinical Pilates has been scientifically proven to enhance well-being and self-esteem.

The therapeutic exercise enhances breathing control. Clinical Pilates is used by elite athletes around the world to enhance sports performance and help reduce the potential for injury. It's a critical element in the restoration of movement and for rehabilitating even severe injuries.

The utilization of Clinical Pilates in Mornington has made Beleura Health Solutions a preferred provider of physiotherapy services. The practice provides patients with effective exercise and movement plans that are appropriate at every stage of life.

Located at 945 Nepean Highway in Mornington, the practice can be reached by phone at (03) 5976 2212 or by visiting Beleura Health Solutions online.

Jan Clydesdale
Practice Manager
Beleura Health Solutions
Phone: (03) 5976 2212